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Полуночный ковбой

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storm troopers!
Just because I happened
to get out of a car!
It all depends on
what you believe in.
Like sometimes your spirit goes up,
sometimes it goes...
It goes other places.
How long did I hold up traffic
just to get out? I ask you.
Give some people a little power, and
they gotta supersede their authority.
This whole kind of thing is
spiritual... spiritual matters.
Oh, now you're talkin' priest talk.
You're talkin' priest talk now.
I ain't talkin' priest talk, I'm
talkin' about what people believe in.
Some people believe you can
come back in another body.
Well, I hope I don't
come back in your body.
I ain't asking you to come back in my
body, but you can come back as anything.
You could come back as a...
a dog or a president.
If I had my choice,
I'd come back as a president.
I ain't that dumb.
What do you think?
Maybe you gotta think about
those things for a while.
I'm usually not like this. I'm usually
a very calm and collected person.
Really, forgive me.
I'm awfully sorry.
I think I'm gonna
write a letter to the mayor.
I don't believe in any of that crap.
You're entitled to think what you want.
- Maybe I do think what I want.
- Him.
Maybe I do believe all that
damn stuff, and I... and I...
- Do some thinkin' about it, that's all.
- Here.
What was that all about?
Hey, lookie here.
I've been chosen for some damn thing.
- It's a come-on.
- You know what this is?
- This is a come-on to a party.
- It's a couple of wackos advertising.
Where does it say to go?
Klein's Bargain Basement?
You go and get a ten-year subscription
to the Encyclopedia Britannica.
It says 'Broadway and Harmony Lane,
Hansel and Gretel McAlbertson.
- That's perfectly clear, ain't it?
- Get outta here.
What do a couple of fruity wackos want
with characters like you and me?
It don't say nothin' about you.
It don't say nothin' about you.
It don't say nothin'
about you, either.
They took my picture, didn't they?
So, you want me to get lost
so you can go to your fancy-ass party?
I didn't say nothin' about that.
Did I say that?
Did I?
I'll just tell 'em...
'You want me, I don't go nowhere
without my buddy here.
I ain't dressed for a party.
[ Coughing ]
- There you go. Right here.
- [ Barking ]
[ Barking ]
Hey, dog.
[ Barking ]
[ Coughing ]
## [ Music Playing ]
[ Groans ]
Hey, you all right?
You okay?
Hell, damn, you're sweating
all over the damn place.
Come here.
You got a comb on ya?
- I don't need a comb.
- Here.
Few dozen cooties ain't gonna
kill me, I don't guess.
[ Music Continues ]
- Okay?
- Yeah.
- I look okay?
- Yeah.
Okay, come on.
Come on.
They're takin' my picture.
## [ Music Continues ]
[ Beep ]
Now just one more
close-up with her.
I love everything
in the theater.
I would like to die
on the stage.
And my hair is fur, you know...
its tendrils reaching
out into space sometimes.
I've watched it touch many stars.
Wackos. They're all wackos.
I think we better find somebody
and tell 'em that I'm here.
Uh, well, I made it.
This is my friend,
Ratso Rizzo, nd I.
- Rico. Rico Rizzo.
- Hello.
If you need anything, there's beer
and stuff behind me. Anything you want.
Oh, Jesus.
If you want the word on that
brother-and-sister act...
Hansel's a fag and Gretel's got the hots
for herself, so who cares, right?
Load up on the salami.
- [ Beep ]
- It's like what?
It's like heroin.
Death is like heroin.
- Have you tried heroin?
- Yeah, I've tried heroin.
It's like nothing. It's like death.
It's just nothing.
- Why are you here?
- I don't know.
Who brought you?
I don't know.
Thank you, ma'am.
Hey, whoa!
Hey, sonny, what you doin' there?
She gave it to me, boy.
Give me the goddamn thing.
[ People Laughing ]
Hey, what do you want?
Up or down?
Up or down?
Here, why don't you take an upper.
[ Woman Laughing ]
[ Music Continues ]
[ Laughing ]
[ Chimes Jingling ]
Why are you stealing food?
I was just
Полуночный ковбой Полуночный ковбой

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