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are a matter of record.
Some people - Iet us say
the people who work for Mr Colbert -
might reasonably regard you as the
person least likely to mourn his passing.
We were just trying
to clarify some of the evidence.
Was Mr Colbert ever in this greenhouse?
Say, last night, about midnight?
- You saw it.
- Oh, l saw it.
What are you gonna do about it?
I don't know.
I'll remember that.
There was a time...
when l could have had you shot.
- You better clear out. And l mean fast!
- What about that speech you gave me?
I didn't know you'd slap any white man!
Least of all Endicott!
All right. Give me another day.
Two days. I'm close.
I can pull that fat cat down.
I can bring him right off this hill!
Oh, boy.
Man, you're just like the rest of us.
Ain't ya?
It's all my fault.
But there's no point in ducking it.
It's gonna be tough
to keep you in your job now.
Now look here, Bill. I don't have to tell you
how urgent it is to get Tibbs outta town.
- No. I already told him to go.
- All right.
Now, Miz Colbert
is not gonna be back till Thursday.
You catch your guilty party by then,
she won't hold it against us we had
to send Tibbs home for his own good.
But you gotta do it, you hear?
I hear.
What's made you change
your mind about Tibbs?
Who says l have?
Last chief we had,
he'd have shot Tibbs one second after he
slapped Endicott, claimed self-defence.
- Gillespie here.
- Courtney here, sir.
- Did you take Virgil down the depot?
- No, sir. Hejust plain wouldn't go.
- Shagbag saw him headin' to River Road.
- Check.
(car horn)
(car horn)
(car horn)
Hey! C'mon! C'mon!
(car horn)
(car horn)
Hey! C'mon!
(car horn)
OK, black boy. We come here
to teach you some manners.
We told you about them bad manners,
boy. You better put that down.
(Virgil) Why don't you
come and get it, baby?
(thug) C'mon, man. You ain't nothin'.
C'mon. Let's get him.
We'll put that round your neck.
Hit him, man! Get him from the side!
Get behind him!
All right, hold it!
All right, boys.
You've had your fun.
Now go on, you just run along home.
- I didn't catch what you said.
- Get rid of the nigger.
You don't... we will.
Now, is that a suggestion,
or is that an order?
That's a warnin'!
I see.
I see.
Shut up and take this trash outta here!
Come on, move it and go!
Well, you finally get the message, Virgil?!
May l get in?
- Thought you left town.
- Not yet.
Could you follow the same route you
followed Tuesday night, same speed?
- Why?
- Why not?
- Maybe l better check with the chief.
- I wouldn't want him to slap you down
for steppin' outta line,
makin' decisions on your own,
and all that.
He don't knock me outta my socks.
Let's get rollin', Virgil.
# All you little birds better lock up tight
# Cos there's a foul owl
on the prowl tonight
# Hey, little lark, get outta the dark
# Foul owl on the prowl
# Cute littlejay, stay outta his way
# Foul owl on the prowl
# Youjust might be the quail he'll tail
# Foul owl on the prowl
# Youjust might be
the swallow he'll follow
# Foul owl on the prowl
# lfyou hear him hoot - scoot
# lfyou pass his tree - flee
# lfyou catch his eye - fly
# Don't wait to say goodbye
Take ten minutes to get myself
a king-sized Coke and a wedge of pie.
That is, if that peckerwood
ain't sold out again.
- Can l bring you anything?
- No. I'm coming in.
I thought l told you to get outta here.
- I'm not ready to leave.
- I was gonna tell you, Chief.
- You forget about those four maniacs?
- I need more time.
- Do l have to put you on the train myself?!
- I guess so!
All right, Virgil.
Just what the hell do you want?
I wanna know exactly where Sam was
at all times on the night of the murder.
# lfyou pass his tree - flee
# lfyou catch his eye - fly
Virgil, if you get killed, we'll have one hell
of a mess in this town. You know that?
I know.
Got some real luscious cream pie
for you
Полуночная жара Полуночная жара

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