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Полуночная жара

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Callipers. And some toothpicks.
Toothpicks?! Copper...?
What's goin' on here, Chief?
Who is this boy anyway?
I asked him to look at the body.
That's who he is.
It's 4.45. What time was this man killed?
Sam found him at 3am. The doctor says
it's possible he was killed an hour earlier.
- At two?
- Maybe a little later.
2.15... 2.30?
Would you feel the face and jaw, please?
Am I mistaken, or has rigor begun?
It has.
You'll notice too
that postmortem lividity is present.
So the time of death really has
to be earlier. Wouldn't you say?
Well, we'll be able to pinpoint that
as soon as I get a thermometer.
As you know, the loss of heat from
the brain is the most reliable way
of determining time of death.
Right, Chief?
Oh, yeah.
Which one of you gentlemen
will assist me?
Ulam's Funer... It's for you, Chief.
Yeah. Talk to me.
Oh, good. Yeah, yeah. Right away. I've
got a runaway suspect, boy. I gotta go.
Now listen, you. Anything he wants,
man, you better see that he gets it.
Where can I wash my hands?
This here's Shagbag, you hear?
He's headed for the river.
The river, you hear?
He's gonna be in Arkansas.
OK. I got him.
Mrs Colbert.
- How is she taking it?
- Chief had to leave. She don't know it yet.
Hey! You can't go in there, boy!
- Mrs Colbert?
- Where's my husband?
What's happened to him? Why won't
anybody tell me what's happened to him?
Why won't anybody here tell me?
I have a right to know if he's hurt,
if he's been in an accident.
I want to know if he is all right!
Your husband is dead, Mrs Colbert.
Somebody killed him.
We don't know who - yet.
It's, uh...
It's very hot in here.
It's very hot in this room.
Sit down.
Would you...
Would you... leave me alone
for a few minutes, please?
Virgil, we don't need you or your
microscopes. Tell that to your chief.
We don't need him - or you.
Mrs Colbert's in there.
- I've already told her.
- I see.
Here is the examination results from
Ulam's. You wanna know what I found?
No. I don't need to look at 'em now.
May I examine this prisoner?
Yeah, you can look at him.
C'mon, let him look. Go on.
All right, now! Steady!
You finished?
Thank you.
All right, Fryer, bring him with me.
- Now we're grindin' corn!
- You shoulda been there!
If it weren't for them radios,
we woulda lost him goin' over that bridge.
That old boy highballing that train
like to cut us off.
And old Charlie's hound dog got loose...
- Did he confess?
- Huh?
The man you arrested, did he confess?
Well, I believe he will.
Yes siree, I believe he will.
I believe he will.
- He's left-handed, isn't he?
- How do I know?
Well, he seemed left-handed to me.
I believe Harvey is a southpaw.
Now, ain't he, Shagbag?
What if he is? What's that make him?
Mrs Colbert... There's just one more thing.
I picked it up, I tell you. He was already
lyin' there. It was lyin' there next to him!
I just picked it up, ma'am. That's all I did.
Shut up.
- Get him outta here.
- OK. C'mon, Harvey. Let's go.
Mrs Colbert, I, uh... I wonder if you'd mind
if I have somebody drive you over
so you could, uh...
complete the identification?
Martin, I want you to take
Mrs Colbert over to the funeral parlour.
And, Wood, run Virgil down the depot.
Uh... Virge here, Chief,
he thinks that Harvey's innocent.
- Well, I'll be damned.
- Could I talk to you about it, in private?
No. Because I got Colbert's wallet in my
hand, and we took it from Harvey Oberst.
- You think he gave it to him?
- I don't know.
But Oberst could have come along
after the crime, found it, picked it up.
- I don't know.
- That's what the boy said he did.
Well, I'm sorry, ma'am, but I say different.
When I examined the deceased,
it was obvious the fatal blow was struck
from an angle of
17 degrees from the right,
which makes it almost certain
the person who did it is right-handed.
- So what?
- Harve's left-handed, Chief.
Полуночная жара Полуночная жара

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