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turnin' me around
You tune me in, pretty baby
Wild things begin
Baby, that ain't love
But it sure is groovy
(song continues in background)
(doctor) It's Colbert, all right.
Skull's caved in.
You ever take a homicide
picture before, son?
Well, at least he won't be movin' on me.
That's for sure. I want you to cover every
angle. Do you hear me? Every angle.
Uh, you boys, move on back now, OK?
Came all this way to build us a factory,
make somethin' outta this town.
Look what it got him.
Sam, did he have a wallet,
identification, anything like that?
That's the first thing I looked for.
Whoever fixed him musta took 'em.
- Any witnesses?
- I mean, not even a cat.
- How long's he been dead?
- Oh, less than an hour.
- Less than an hour.
- Maybe half that.
Maybe half.
Could have been a hitchhiker.
Check both ends of town, check
the depot, and check the pool hall. OK?
- Pool hall closed at one o'clock, Chief.
- I said check it, Sam.
Yes, sir.
On your feet, boy.
I mean now!
Get against that wall.
Get them hands high!
Spread them fingers out.
I wanna count all ten.
You move before I tell you to, boy,
by God, I'm gonna clean your plough.
That's pretty fat there, ain't it, boy? Huh?
Now, outside there's a police car.
You're gonna pick up that bag.
You're gonna walk out, and you're
gonna plant yourself in the back.
And you're gonna be
a real nice quiet boy all the way in.
You hear?!
C'mon, boy.
Move it!
Chief here?
- Hey, what's up, Sam?
- (Sam) Chief?
What's goin' on?
- Sam?
- (squeaking)
(quicker clattering)
- Wood?
- Yes, sir?
When's the last time I asked Courtney
to get oil for this damn thing?
Uh, last Wednesday.
Would you be kind enough to go outside
and remind him what day it is today?
Well, uh... how about the prisoner here?
Don't you worry about him.
Got a name, boy?
Virgil Tibbs.
Well, I don't think we're gonna
have any trouble, are we, Virgil?
No trouble at all.
Oh, you can go now, Sam.
Yes, sir.
- What did you hit him with?
- Hit whom?
"Whom"? Whom?
You a Northern boy? What's a Northern
boy like you doin' all the way down here?
- I was waiting for the train.
- There ain't no trains this time of mornin'.
- Tuesdays only. 4.05 to Memphis.
- You say.
(train horn in distance)
Well... All right, you say right.
All right... Virgil.
Now look.
I try to run a nice, clean, safe town here.
A town where a man can sneeze and not
get his brains beat out. You follow me?
Why don't you tell me how you killed
Mr Colbert? You'll feel a whole lot better.
Not now!
I was visiting my mother.
I came in on the 12.35 from Brownsville.
I was waiting to go out on the 4.05.
And meanwhile, you killed yourself
a white man and picked yourself up $200!
I earned that money,
ten hours a day, seven days a week.
Coloured can't earn that. It's more than I
make in a month! Where did you earn it?!
- Philadelphia.
- Mississippi?
- Pennsylvania.
- Just how do you earn that kinda money?
I'm a police officer.
(throws badge on desk)
Oh, yeah.
- Wood!
- Yes, sir!
- Did you question this man?
- No, sir.
Would you mind taking a look at that?
Yeah! Oh, yeah!
I'll check on this wise city boy.
You take him outside and hold him.
Yes, sir.
May I suggest that you call my chief
rather than send a wire or anything?
I mean, it would be quicker.
And I'll pay for the call.
Did you hear? Did you hear him
say he'd pay for the call?
How much do they pay you
to do their police work?
$162.39 per week.
$162.39 a week!
Well, boy! Take him outside, Wood.
But treat him easy,
because a man that
makes $162.39 a week -
man, we do not wanna ruffle him!
No, sir!
Courtney... would you try
and get me long-distance?
(Courtney) Police business, honey.
Chief's on the line.
No. He catch you listenin' in,
he'll run your butt around the block.
- He don't
Полуночная жара Полуночная жара

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