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Полуночная жара

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couIdn't have driven two cars!
What do you want?
Give me tiII morning.
(Gillespie chuckles)
You know...
You know, VirgiI,
you are among the chosen few.
How's that?
WeII, I think that you're the first
human being that's ever been in here.
WeII, you can't be too carefuI, man.
You know a Iotta things, don't you?
WeII, just what do you know
about insomnia?
Bourbon can't cure it.
WeII... that's for sure.
Now Iook. I got no wife. I got no kids.
Boy, I got a town that... don't want me.
And I got an air conditioner
that I have to oiI myseIf,
and a desk with a busted Ieg.
And on top of that, I got...
this, uh...
Now, don't you think that'd
drive a man to takin' a few drinks?
I'II teII you a secret.
Nobody comes here.
You married?
Ever been?
Ever been cIose to it?
CIose to it.
Don't you get just... a IittIe IoneIy?
No IoneIier than you, man.
Oh, now, don't get smart, bIack boy.
I don't need it.
No pity, thank you.
No, thank you!
(knock at door)
- Yeah?
- Chief?
- Yeah.
- You know where I can find VirgiI?
Who are you?
Packy, Chief. Packy Harrison.
I'm a friend of Harve.
- You got something for me?
- Yeah.
- Where you goin'?
- Where whitey ain't aIIowed.
- What the heII does that mean?
- You gave me tiII morning. Remember?
(car engine starts)
- Here's the car.
- He couId have exchanged cars by now.
John, you stick here. We'II keep cruisin'.
You find him,
come back for me, you hear?
That's her pIace, here.
You want me to wait?
No, thank you, Packy. You go on home.
(bell tinkles)
Mrs BeIIamy?
PeopIe around here
caII me Mama CaIeba.
Mama, I'm not from around here.
But you can put me on my train.
You taIk crazy. You gin-drunk?
Just homesick.
Lord, Lord!
Whisper two IittIe words,
Mama, and I'm on my way.
Maybe... I don't want to sever
a beautifuI chiId Iike you right out.
A man's name.
First name, Iast name.
The man who's paying you
for DeIores Purdy's abortion.
You're the boy who works for Mr CharIie.
I thought that's who you was.
Why you wanna do that?
Why you wanna heIp the poIice Iike that?
They steaIin' your souI.
They chew you up and spit you out.
I'm not here to Iay a finger on you, Mama.
It's the white boy I want.
What you got against him?
He's paying for his fun.
How much? I bet you he's not
paying you more than a hundred.
You know how much he's got in
his pocket right now? More than $600!
That cracker? (chuckles)
- Where'd he come off getting 600?
- He kiIIed Mr CoIbert.
You gone crazy out of your mind.
Now Iisten. Hear me good, Mama, pIease.
Don't make me have to send you to jaiI.
A Iot you care!
There's white time in jaiI, and
coIoured time. The worst kind you can do
is coIoured time.
ChiId... you promise...
give me understanding.
I got used to better.
You won't take it away?
I won't take it away.
WeII... I don't know his name.
But she's coming here tonight.
Get herseIf straight.
- Leave me aIone! Let me go!
- (man) Let go of her!
- Let go of her!
- Let go of me!
Gonna teach you, boy!
No cIub this time, man?
A gun's not smart. The way
you kiIIed CoIbert was much smarter.
You kiIIed CoIbert?!
He's crazy. Crazy.
(horn blares)
(thug) OK, nigger. Your time, nigger.
Look in her purse.
- What's that mean?
- She's got $100 to pay for an abortion.
Listen to that. That's crazy.
Money she got from RaIph.
You gonna Iisten to him?
He got her to teII you
that Sam Wood did it.
He made a fooI out of you, Purdy.
- DeIores?
- Liar!
You stinkin' Iiar!
(Purdy) Gimme that purse!
You turned my IittIe sister...
into a fieId sIut?
(Delores screams) LIoyd! LIoyd!
- Hey, man, stay back!
- He's got a gun!
He's dead.
(Delores sobs)
When I Ieft her house,
I was going to the diner.
Mr CoIbert drove by,
so I hitched a ride with him. That's aII.
I said "I sure wouId Iike a job in
that new factory once you get started."
And he said "Sure." And I said
"WeII, I wonder where it's gonna be."
Полуночная жара Полуночная жара

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