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35 from BrownsviIIe.
I was waiting to go out on the 4.05.
And meanwhiIe, you kiIIed yourseIf
a white man and picked yourseIf up $200!
I earned that money,
ten hours a day, seven days a week.
CoIoured can't earn that. It's more than I
make in a month! Where did you earn it?!
- PhiIadeIphia.
- Mississippi?
- PennsyIvania.
- Just how do you earn that kinda money?
I'm a poIice officer.
(throws badge on desk)
Oh, yeah.
- Wood!
- Yes, sir!
- Did you question this man?
- No, sir.
WouId you mind taking a Iook at that?
Yeah! Oh, yeah!
I'II check on this wise city boy.
You take him outside and hoId him.
Yes, sir.
May I suggest that you caII my chief
rather than send a wire or anything?
I mean, it wouId be quicker.
And I'II pay for the caII.
Did you hear? Did you hear him
say he'd pay for the caII?
How much do they pay you
to do their poIice work?
$162.39 per week.
$162.39 a week!
WeII, boy! Take him outside, Wood.
But treat him easy,
because a man that
makes $162.39 a week -
man, we do not wanna ruffIe him!
No, sir!
Courtney... wouId you try
and get me Iong-distance?
(Courtney) PoIice business, honey.
Chief's on the Iine.
No. He catch you Iistenin' in,
he'II run your butt around the bIock.
- He don't panic me none.
- No?
- Where's the chief?
- You got the pictures of the dead man?
Sure do. I got him top,
bottom, sideways-you name it.
- Good. I'II take 'em, son.
- No, I wanna give 'em to the chief.
- I said I'd take 'em, CharIie.
- Do Iike he teIIs you, CharIie.
Somebody owes me
some money for those.
I had to buy paper and fiIm
and deveIopin'.
That's aII right. Just biII the department.
Everything wiII be taken care of.
God AImighty. He sure Iooks bad.
May I see the man
I am supposed to have kiIIed?
Sure. I don't know why not.
(whispers) Hey, Sam. He's finished taIkin'.
- Here's the photos of the dead man.
- OK.
Got your chief on the phone.
He wants to taIk to you.
HeIIo? Yes, sir. I'm sorry
to have gotten you invoIved in this.
I reaIIy had no choice.
Yes, sir.
You can't be serious, sir. I mean, even
if I couId be of heIp, they wouIdn't want it.
No, sir. l'm not prejudiced.
Yes, sir. I am a poIice officer
and they're poIice officers, but...
HeIIo. This is GiIIespie.
Yes, sir. Yep, weII...
You don't say?
He's your number one homicide expert?
WeII, my, my, my.
I don't think we need any heIp.
We can wrap this up ourseIves.
Yes, sir. But I do want to thank you
for offering me such a powerfuI piece
of manpower as VirgiI Tibbs.
Yes, sir. Thank you.
Yeah. Goodbye, now.
Oh, it's aII there.
We paid for the phone caII ourseIves.
Now, you are the number one
homicide expert.
- That's right.
- I bet you Iook at a Iot of dead bodies.
- WeII, what?
- WeII...
I just thought maybe, uh... Maybe you
wouIdn't mind takin' a Iook at this one?
No, thanks.
- Why not, expert?
- Because I've got a train to catch.
Wait a minute.
That train don't Ieave tiII noon.
They pay you $162.39 a week just to Iook
at bodies. Why can't you Iook at this one?
- Why can't you Iook at it for yourseIf?
- Because I'm not an expert...
Ten cents, ten miIIion doIIars-just
doesn't matter when a man's time comes.
I couId give him a nicer service
right here in Sparta
than he couId ever get up there
in Chicago. And at haIf the price, too.
- I got a rosewood casket out there...
- (door opens)
Ted UIam, Chief.
We haven't had the pIeasure.
That's for sure.
He's with me.
HeIIo, Doc.
Do you wanna Iook at it?
(Virgil) New manicure. That's good.
That's very good.
- I'II need a few things.
- (Gillespie) Such as?
Ammonium hydrosuIphide,
benzidine, superoxide of hydrogen.
Copper powder, distiIIed water.
A six-inch ceIIuIoid scaIe.
Some tweezers.
CaIIipers. And some toothpicks.
Toothpicks?! Copper...?
What's goin' on here, Chief?
Who is this boy anyway?
I asked him to Iook
Полуночная жара Полуночная жара

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