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Ain't a woman yet been born
Knows how to make the mornin' come
lt's so hard to keep control
When l could sell my soul
For just a little light
ln the heat of the night
ln the heat of the night
l've got trouble wall to wall
Oh yes, l have
l repeat
l repeat, in the night
Must be an ending to it all
But hold on, it won't be long
Just you be strong
And it'll be all right
ln the heat of the night
Where you keepin' the pie tonight?
A man ate the Iast piece
just before you come in.
What's that IittIe oId orphan
sittin' right up there?
MarbIe cake.
TeII you what, Sam. Bein' she's
in there by her IittIe oId Ionesome,
I'II Iet you have her for free.
I toId you 'bout that "Sam" business,
didn't I? Hm?
Sorry, Mr Wood.
I mean, uh... Officer Wood.
(car starts)
(country music fades in)
Well, a bow-legged Polly
and a knocked-kneed Paul
A bow-legged Polly
and a knocked-kneed Paul
A bow-legged Polly
and a knocked-kneed Paul
They can't get together at all
Just like the worm in the cornfield
said to his brother
"Yeah, go in one ear and out the other"
(singer hums)
Well, a bucktoothed Clara
and a cross-eyed Clyde
A bucktoothed Clara
and a cross-eyed Clyde
Like old bow-legged Polly
and a knock-kneed Paul
(music stops)
Every time l see your face
lt's got a way of turnin' me around
You tune me in, pretty baby
Wild things begin
Baby, that ain't love
But it sure is groovy
(song continues in background)
(doctor) It's CoIbert, aII right.
SkuII's caved in.
You ever take a homicide
picture before, son?
WeII, at Ieast he won't be movin' on me.
That's for sure. I want you to cover every
angIe. Do you hear me? Every angIe.
Uh, you boys, move on back now, OK?
Came aII this way to buiId us a factory,
make somethin' outta this town.
Look what it got him.
Sam, did he have a waIIet,
identification, anything Iike that?
That's the first thing I Iooked for.
Whoever fixed him musta took 'em.
- Any witnesses?
- I mean, not even a cat.
- How Iong's he been dead?
- Oh, Iess than an hour.
- Less than an hour.
- Maybe haIf that.
Maybe haIf.
CouId have been a hitchhiker.
Check both ends of town, check
the depot, and check the pooI haII. OK?
- PooI haII cIosed at one o'cIock, Chief.
- I said check it, Sam.
Yes, sir.
On your feet, boy.
I mean now!
Get against that waII.
Get them hands high!
Spread them fingers out.
I wanna count aII ten.
You move before I teII you to, boy,
by God, I'm gonna cIean your pIough.
That's pretty fat there, ain't it, boy? Huh?
Now, outside there's a poIice car.
You're gonna pick up that bag.
You're gonna waIk out, and you're
gonna pIant yourseIf in the back.
And you're gonna be
a reaI nice quiet boy aII the way in.
You hear?!
C'mon, boy.
Move it!
Chief here?
- Hey, what's up, Sam?
- (Sam) Chief?
What's goin' on?
- Sam?
- (squeaking)
(quicker clattering)
- Wood?
- Yes, sir?
When's the Iast time I asked Courtney
to get oiI for this damn thing?
Uh, Iast Wednesday.
WouId you be kind enough to go outside
and remind him what day it is today?
WeII, uh... how about the prisoner here?
Don't you worry about him.
Got a name, boy?
VirgiI Tibbs.
WeII, I don't think we're gonna
have any troubIe, are we, VirgiI?
No troubIe at aII.
Oh, you can go now, Sam.
Yes, sir.
- What did you hit him with?
- Hit whom?
"Whom"? Whom?
You a Northern boy? What's a Northern
boy Iike you doin' aII the way down here?
- I was waiting for the train.
- There ain't no trains this time of mornin'.
- Tuesdays onIy. 4.05 to Memphis.
- You say.
(train horn in distance)
WeII... AII right, you say right.
AII right... VirgiI.
Now Iook.
I try to run a nice, cIean, safe town here.
A town where a man can sneeze and not
get his brains beat out. You foIIow me?
Why don't you teII me how you kiIIed
Mr CoIbert? You'II feeI a whoIe Iot better.
Not now!
I was visiting my mother.
I came in on the 12.
Полуночная жара Полуночная жара

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