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Keep cool, Harvey.
I'm on your side.
Well, l don't need you!
I'm all you've got.
You're a cop?
- You're a cop.
- Mm-hm.
So, how come they locked you up?
How come they lock up a cop?
Who said they locked me up?
How come with all these empty cells here
they'd throw me in with you? You dig?
I already told 'em.
I see this fella lyin' on the street there.
And there's this wallet lyin' beside him.
Boy, l mean, l come into
this world outta luck.
Here's the first good thing
to come my way. And l pick it up.
But when l see whose wallet it is...
I mean, l start to sweat. But l heard
about this new chief. This Gillepsbie?
Got no more smile than a turnip.
So l cut across the fields, headin' for the
line, and got myself as far as the bridge
before Gillepsbie grabbed me.
What time did you find the wallet?
Well, l ain't got no watch, but it must have
been after two, by the courthouse clock.
I'm interested in eleven to two.
Where were you?
Shootin' pool. Larry's Lounge.
I got there about ten.
- What time'd you leave?
- Closin'. Must have been one.
- Anybody can swear for you?
- Packy, Bert, Les.
Ever been in trouble
with the police before?
Come on.
I could ask at the desk, you know.
Well, they brought me in one time.
- On account of this Delores Purdy.
- On what charge?
Well, uh, this Delores, she, uh...
she's real proud of what nature
done for her, you know?
And, uh...
Well, we was on a date
up to Clarke's Point, and, uh...
she says, uh... (sniggers)
Anyway, she asks me, she says, uh...
"Don't you think l got a classy build?"
And l say "Sure."
And so she starts to show me.
But l didn't do nothin' wrong.
I just didn't stop her from
tryin' to prove her point.
Then this cop, Sam Wood,
comes chargin' outta the bush
and hauls me in.
He let you go, didn't he?
Told me not to mess with her no more.
She lives on Third, a block from me.
Traipsin' around in the altogether.
With the lights on.
Now, somebody sure oughta
make her stop doin' that.
Come here.
Let me see your right hand.
- What you doin'?
- Hold still.
(door opens)
All right now, give him
the waiver for false arrest.
(Virgil) Forget it.
I'm askin' you to sign it. Please.
Give him a pen. Give him a pen.
All right. Let him out.
You'll be able to catch the 1 2.10 train.
It wouldn't be a bad idea
to change the charge against Oberst.
He was nowhere near the scene
of the crime, and l think he can prove it.
- I bet you know when Colbert was killed.
- About 1 2.30.
- While Harvey was still shooting pool.
- Wait a minute. I'll get it.
There's cue chalk under his nails,
not dried blood.
- Thank God l don't live in Philadelphia.
- One more thing.
Colbert wasn't killed
where the body was found.
- What do you mean?
- He was killed then moved to Main Street.
- Courtney?
- Yes, sir?
Change the charge to theft.
D'you mean Harve?
Who the hell else do we have back there?!
Yes, sir.
Didn't l ask you to fix that gate?
No, not me, sir. Must have been
my brother Harold. He's on days.
(slams door)
(phone rings)
Police department.
Yes, he's here. Hold on, sir.
Mayor's on the line, Chief.
(machinery noise/hammering)
What's all this Miz Colbert's been
tellin' me about a... a cover-up arrest?
No, ma'am. We ain't had no cover-up.
In fact, we just dropped the charges
for insufficient evidence.
Miz Colbert, l told you
he was nobody's man.
I came by to make it
as clear as l possibly can
that l do not want that Negro officer
taken off this case.
Negro officer?
Yeah, well, he, uh...
He comes from up North, you see.
And he was, uh, kinda...
- passin' through...
- If it wasn't for him,
your impartial chief of police would still
have the wrong man behind bars.
I want that officer given a free hand.
Otherwise, l will pack up
my husband's engineers...
and leave you...
to yourselves.
Miz Colbert, now don't you
worry about a thing.
Believe me, we're
Полуночная жара Полуночная жара

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