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some naked white girl down the block.
- What?
- Some girl named Delores Purdy.
She parades around in the nude
at night to get her kicks. That's...
- How do you know?
- I know.
Well, I know. Do you understand?
I know that Colbert
cashed a cheque for $900.
I know that Sam made a big cash deposit.
I know that you caught him in a lie.
And I know that's enough for me.
C'mon, Sam.
Martin, lock him up.
Well... you're making a mistake.
Don't you bet against it.
You can catch your train now, Virgil.
Do you think Sam did it?
- Where do I find the chief?
- What's it all about?
My business.
Hey, look, Purdy.
Now, you got a complaint?
Well, right here's where you file it.
What I got to say, I say to the chief.
It’s about Sam Wood.
All right.
- (knock on door)
- (Gillespie) Yeah?
(Harold) Purdy's out here, sir.
It’s about Sam.
All right. Send him in.
She is gonna have a baby.
Sam Wood's baby.
Well, ask her yourself
if you don't believe me!
What are you doin' here?
It’s important that I hear this.
I ain't talkin' about this
with him in the room.
- Boy, you don't want trouble, you get!
- You be sensible. I'm a police officer.
You gonna get him outta here,
or do I gotta do it?!
You ain't gonna do nothin'.
You just stand there and shut up.
Sit down, little girl.
All right, now.
You tell me... all about it.
Just tell me how it happened.
Oh, come on. Come on, girl, speak!
- Well, you know how hot it's been.
- Yeah.
Nights, they aren't any better.
My brother works nights.
He leaves me all alone.
This particular night,
I go out on the porch.
I'm thinkin' how nice it'd be
if I had a fountain drink.
Sam comes down our road.
Just like he comes every night.
Passin' like a lord
in that fine, big, shiny car.
Only, this time he stops.
He's got a nice face,
don't you think, Chief?
So he stopped.
- (softly) He says...
- What? I didn't hear what you said.
(louder) He says...
"Hey, little girl,
you know what
the coolest spot in town is?"
And I said "No, Sam. I guess I don't."
And he said...
"The cemetery. That's where."
"Know why?"
"Cos they got all of them
big, cool tombstones."
"Ever stretch out
on a tombstone, Delores?"
"Feel all that nice, cool marble
along your body?"
- He said that?
- You hear, Chief? You hear?
Yeah, I hear. I hear.
All right. Sam comes along and stops in
front of your house and talks. What else?
Well, come on now, girl.
What else? What else? What else?
- Then I went for a ride with him.
- Where'd you go?
The cemetery.
So, Wood took you to
the cemetery in the patrol car, right?
And then things went a bit too far.
Is that what you're sayin'?
Did they get a little bit outta line?
Come on now.
Is that what you're tryin' to say?
Come on, girl! Is it or ain't it?
- Yeah, they went too far!
- Well, fine!
Now, I got one more question.
Very important.
Did he force you, or did you let him?
Don't mean a damn whether
she let him or not! She is still 16!
In this state, that's rape!
I know the plain law on that!
I know the laws in the state
of Mississippi, thank you!
- Are you sure you're pregnant?
- Yes, I am pregnant!
- Courtney!
- Yes, sir?
Better get in here with a pad and a pencil.
Come on in. I want you
to take this all down.
You had no right to keep a nigger
in the room, shame my little sister.
You had no right.
Virge, what's happenin'?
- Hi, Harve.
- How are you?
- Fine.
- Man, uh...
- You sure saved my hide.
- Listen, Harvey. Man, uh...
lf a guy knocks up a girl in this town,
where can he go for help?
- Barbershop.
- Barbershop?
Borrow Mr. Fanning's razor
and cut your throat!
But suppose
Mr. Fanning's razor is too dull.
Suppose he's got some
real money to spread around.
Well, uh...
There used to be a coloured gal.
But she kept bumpin' her price,
and I don't know if she's still in business.
- What's her name?
- Well, I ain't never had to look her up.
Полуночная жара Полуночная жара

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