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Полицейский из Беверли Хиллз

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an outstanding young detective.
I find that difficult to believe.
It's true.
He also says he nearly fired you.
I find that very easy to believe.
What are you doing here?
I'm on vacation.
I went to the bathroom
and six guys threw me out a window.
Inspector Todd gave me a message
for you. Wanna hear it?
He says if you're here
investigating the Tandino murder,
don't bother coming back.
If we inform him
you are working on this case,
he'll have you fired.
One last time, what are you doing?
I'm on vacation!
Rosewood, take Mr Foley
over to the courthouse
and let him arrange for bail.
Follow me, sir.
I got to hand it to you guys,
you are extremely polite.
Pretty good punch you got, Taggart.
After you.
After you.
You guys are so sweet, you know that?
Thanks for bailing me out, Jen.
If I'd known why you'd been arrested,
I wouldn't have come.
- You don't mean that.
- No, I don't mean that.
If it wasn't for Victor Maitland,
I'd be a waitress.
The day Mikey got killed, he showed
up with a bag of German bearer bonds.
I think he stole them
from whoever killed him.
When I mentioned Mikey's name,
Maitland threw me out.
You look like a hoodlum. You barge
into his office, carrying a gun.
If I didn't know you,
I'd throw you out.
Is this your car?
No. In Beverly Hills
we just take the closest one.
I remember you used to drive
that crappy blue Chevy Nova.
What are you driving now?
The same crappy blue Chevy Nova.
Do you think it's too late
for me to study art?
Axel, why were you bothering Victor?
You don't think he has anything
to do with Mikey's death?
No, I was just poking around.
I don't think he did nothing.
Victor is one of the top art dealers
in the US, he has been for ten years.
I'm impressed.
- What are you looking at?
- The cops, they're following us.
What? Where?
In the back, on the right.
Beige Ford.
Can you believe this place?
How can you afford this?
They only charged me
the single-room rate.
- How can you afford that?
- I can't.
In the bathroom they got little robes
with the hotel's initials on it.
I love this place, I can't leave.
- I'm going to steal one. Want one?
- No.
You want some slippers?
I'm going to steal them, too.
Excuse me, two seconds.
Hello, room service?
This is Mr Axel Foley in suite 1035.
I'd like to order something
from your late supper menu.
I want you to deliver it
to this beige Ford on Wilshire.
Send down one bay shrimp
salad sandwich. OK?
Right. And is the cold poached salmon
in dill sauce tasty?
OK, send one of those down.
And send down something for dessert.
All right. Thank you.
You're quite a sport.
How long are you going to stay?
Until I find out who killed Mikey.
And I'm considering checking out
the warehouse where he worked.
How you planning on getting in?
- Good evening, sir.
- What is that?
Late supper,
compliments of Mr Axel Foley.
- Foley? How'd he know we were here?
- Because I let you drive.
I need a couple of bananas. How much?
The buffet plate is $1 2.50. You get
peaches, plums, oranges and bananas.
All I need is a couple of bananas.
Go ahead, take those bananas.
Thank you.
- I'm not eating that. Take it back.
- Certainly.
This really looks great.
- Could I get some extra mayo?
- Certainly, sir.
- Ready to go?
- Yeah.
There's the Mercedes.
Will you get rid of that stuff?
What the hell are you doing?
This the place?
Yeah, but I'm not sure
I should do this.
OK, but when you hear glass breaking,
don't get scared.
It's just me kicking in the window.
Sit tight.
All right. Come on, Axel.
- What's happening, baby?
- Grow up.
- Did you find something?
- Coffee grounds.
You know what this is used for?
People add hot water and drink it.
I'll take this home, add hot water
and drink it in the morning.
What are we hiding for?
I wish you'd been with me last night.
- What happened?
- We stopped in a joint for a drink.
- Which one?
- A local
Полицейский из Беверли Хиллз Полицейский из Беверли Хиллз

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