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Полицейский из Беверли Хиллз

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No chance.
Fuck. Come on.
- Seems they've been already.
- What are you looking for?
A crate from overseas that
hasn't passed through customs yet.
What is that?
Yeah, it's coffee on top.
But this ain't sugar.
Go get Rosewood.
Welcome to the party.
It seems we have guests.
How nice. I do like surprises.
I just can't tell you how
disappointed I am to find you here.
Shut up!
I don't want to hear it.
Take her to the car and wait for me.
What are you going to do with him?
You should be more worried about
what we're going to do with you.
Don't worry. We've got cocaine and
coffee, we're going to have a party.
Thanks for having me over, Vic.
This is very nice.
Did you say something?
If something happens to her...
I'm all ears.
I'll kill you.
Really? That would be a neat trick.
- Well, cuz.
- Are you still pissed at me?
No. But I should have
taken care of you in Detroit.
When I popped your little buddy.
Goodbye, Mr Foley.
- Have a nice day.
- I'll try.
Damn it.
Oh, boy.
How's that little bump
on the head I gave you in Detroit?
Healed up nice, I hope.
Tell Taggart to check out
the warehouse. I'll explain later.
Sergeant Taggart is here,
he wants to talk to you.
Billy, what the hell is going on?
- Sorry, Sarge, I can't talk now.
- What do you mean?
Just check out the warehouse and
please don't say anything to Bogomil.
- He's not transmitting any more.
- Shit.
- What's the matter?
- Billy's doing something dumb again.
- Was he calling from the hotel?
- No, sir.
Right now, his car's heading north
on Palm Canyon Road.
- We were there this morning.
- What?
Foley was looking over
Maitland's house.
- Do you have that warehouse address?
- Yes, sir.
Check that place out, let me know
what's going on over there.
Don't talk to anybody but me.
Hold it, Foley. You're under arrest.
Billy, why are you here?
- I forced him at gunpoint.
- No, he didn't.
Everything he said about Maitland
is right. He's kidnapped a woman.
- Let's get her.
- What do you think I'm doing?
- We'll have a warrant in 20 minutes.
- She could be dead in 20 minutes.
Stop. You're coming with us.
I'm going inside.
You want to stop me, shoot me.
Me, too. You can do what you want,
but I'm going in.
This is really serious trouble.
If you're lucky,
you'll just get fired.
- Got it.
- This is my last warning.
I'm sorry, Sarge. I've got to.
Shit. Wait a minute.
- What's that?
- Looks like East Gate.
Punch it up.
Who the hell is that?
Better get Maitland up here.
Where is everybody? Is Rosewood back?
- No, sir.
- Seen Taggart?
He took off about 10 minutes ago.
Foley's on the grounds.
How the hell should I know?
Get some people out there right away.
Don't take your eyes off that screen.
Try to locate Taggart and Rosewood.
Come on.
- They must be away from the car.
- I can see that. Keep trying.
- DD-13, come in please.
- What's their 20?
609 Palm Canyon Road.
Who lives at that address?
A Victor Maitland, sir.
- Let's go around.
- Come on, we can do it. Come on.
Ready, one, two...
You all right?
What the fuck am I doing here?
Drop it!
- Good shot, Billy.
- Let's go.
- Jesus Christ!
- These guys are serious.
I hate machine guns.
Cover me.
Go around front.
I'm going to check the back.
We have a report of shots fired at
that location. 609 Palm Canyon Road.
Put out a 998,
officers need assistance.
- Undercovers on scene.
- Sir?
I want all north end units to roll.
South end units stay in their area.
- Damn! Let's go.
- Undercover officers at location.
Police! You're all under arrest!
Do that again, I'll shoot you myself.
Know what I keep thinking about?
Know the end of Butch Cassidy?
Redford and Newman
are almost out of ammunition.
And the whole Bolivian army
is out in front of this little hut.
I'm going to make you pay for this.
- Hanging around?
- Fuck, no.
Freeze it! Hold it right there.
Полицейский из Беверли Хиллз Полицейский из Беверли Хиллз

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