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bar. Billy will make sure I behave.
Will somebody tell me
what's going on?
No bullshit this time.
Just sit tight, Billy.
Man, what's happening, Phil?
He said you don't come here no more,
but I said, ''lt's Phil''.
- Get out of here, man.
- I told you!
- Give me a kiss, baby.
- I said get outta here!
Everybody freeze!
Turn around. Turn around!
- Phil!
- Keep your hands on the table!
What's wrong?
What's all the hostility?
- Get back.
- What's all this gun, man?
You changed.
Get back or I'll
blow your brains out.
Police. Move and I'll kill you.
Don't move! Turn over!
Way to go, Rosewood.
You're some cop. You know that?
Sorry for the disturbance, folks.
Everything's under control.
Would you explain why
you and Rosewood were in a strip bar
out of our jurisdiction
while you were on duty?
Before you chastise these officers,
there's something you should know.
The only reason they were at a strip
bar is because they were tailing me.
They were outside
wondering what I was doing.
I was in having a good time.
I'm into those things.
These guys waited outside
and the only reason they came in
was because they saw two men with
bulges in their jackets going in.
Well, these guys
were going to commit a robbery.
They watched them, waited for them to
make their move, then foiled a crime.
I did not know what was going on.
I'm freaked out.
They must have a sixth sense.
I don't know what you teach them,
but they're not just regular cops.
They're supercops.
The only thing missing
on these guys are capes.
Is this what really happened?
No, sir.
Would someone tell me what happened?
Foley invited us to this bar.
We accepted.
- We ordered club sodas, sir.
- Right.
And while we were there,
Foley observed the two suspects
casing the establishment.
And before we knew what was going on,
he'd already disarmed one of them.
Detective Foley deserves
all the credit for the arrests, sir.
Detective Foley,
we appreciate your assistance,
but if you want to practise
law enforcement,
I would prefer you did it in Detroit.
I understand. I'm sorry.
But before I go
I want you two to know,
the supercops story was working.
OK? It was working
and you guys just messed it up.
I'm trying to figure you guys out,
but I haven't yet. But it's cool.
Just fuck up a perfectly good lie
and it's all right.
You guys are off the case.
Foster, McCabe, your turn.
- Don't lose him.
- Not a chance, sir.
And you two...
In my office.
Morning, gentlemen.
Coffee and doughnuts?
- What?
- Coffee and doughnuts.
There he is.
Morning, officers.
You the second team?
We're the first team.
We won't fall
for a banana in the tailpipe.
You won't fall
for the banana in the tailpipe?
It should be more natural,
brother, like this.
''I ain't falling for no banana in my
tailpipe.'' It's more natural for us.
You've been hanging out
with this dude too long.
I'm sorry, I'm just fucking with you.
That's funny to me.
- You gonna try to keep up with me?
- No problem.
- Isn't this Victor Maitland's house?
- Yeah, I think so.
I've seen enough.
You want something to drink?
I got some stuff in the trunk.
Excuse me.
For a man on vacation,
you look like you're on a stakeout.
Stakeout? No, no. I'm picnicking.
This is a picnic area.
I've been shooting the shit
long enough.
Time for me to take in some sights.
Excuse me.
What the hell's he doing?
Can you put this in a good spot?
This shit happened
last time I parked here.
May I help you?
I'm looking for Victor Maitland.
You realise that
this is a members only club?
I have to talk to Victor.
It's very important.
- Victor Maitland, are you sure?
- Yes.
Grey-haired gentleman.
Very dark skin. Capricorn.
Why don't you give me the message
and I'll take it to him?
OK. Tell Victor that Ramon,
the fella he met about a week ago...
Tell him that
Ramon went to the clinic,
and I found out that I have...
Полицейский из Беверли Хиллз Полицейский из Беверли Хиллз

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