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Полицейский из Беверли Хиллз

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I'm an old acquaintance.
One moment.
Donny, tell Miss Summers
that Ahmed Farley's here to...
- No, Axel Foley.
- Ahmel... Ahwell...
Foley's here,
he's an old acquaintance.
Cover this up.
It's like the breast of a dog
to scrub for the customer.
- It's not sexy, it's animal.
- Not sexy at all.
May I offer you something to drink?
Wine, cocktail, espresso?
No, thank you.
I make it myself, with a lemon twist.
You should try it.
No, I'm fine.
- I see you look at this piece.
- How much would it go for?
- Get the fuck outta here.
- No, I cannot.
It's a very important piece.
- Ever sold one of these?
- Yesterday.
- Get the fuck outta here.
- I'm serious. I sell it myself.
What are you doing here?
- How you doing?
- I'm fine. Hold on a second.
Great. Excuse me, Serge.
- What are you doing here?
- How you doing?
It's good to see you.
How've you been?
- Look at you!
- You like?
Yeah. You're getting old.
Fuck you.
- What is this?
- A moustache.
- Peach fuzz.
- No, that's man style now.
You have someplace we can talk?
Yeah. Over there. Come on.
- You've filled out.
- Yeah, I filled out.
No, it looks good, though.
Sit down.
- I want to talk about Mikey.
- Is he in trouble again?
He's dead.
He came into Detroit
and somebody killed him.
I don't believe this.
Look, I can't right now.
I'll be up in a second.
Mikey mentioned
that you helped him get a job.
The guy who owns this gallery
hired him as a favour to me.
- Who's this guy?
- His name is Victor Maitland.
He was working for Victor
at the gallery's warehouse.
I can't talk now,
I have to go upstairs.
That's cool.
I'll call you later on
and we'll get together and talk, OK?
Be good.
Hi. Delivery for Victor Maitland.
I'll take it upstairs to him.
Maybe I should give it to him myself.
Deliveries should be left here.
He has to get these flowers.
I'll go up myself.
You're not supposed to.
Floral delivery is my life.
I have to take it.
- Who let you in?
- I let myself in.
How you doing? I have some questions
about Michael Tandino.
Speak to you later, darling.
What, may I ask,
is your interest in Mr Tandino?
He was my best friend. He visited me
in Detroit a couple of days ago.
Soon after he got there,
someone killed him.
Oh, my God. That's terrible.
It's fucked up.
And? What do you wish to know?
- He worked for you, didn't he?
- Yes, yes, he did.
Good gracious!
I'm really sorry to hear this.
Would you like to sit down?
Can I get you anything?
- No, I'm all right.
- How on earth did this happen?
Detroit is a very violent city,
isn't it?
I do hope the police have procured
some intelligent leads.
Exactly what did Mikey do for you?
I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name.
My name is Foley.
Excuse me, Mr Foley,
if I appear a little rude,
but this sounds like something
for the authorities in Detroit.
So, if you'll forgive me,
I must get back to work.
- All I want to know is...
- Please show Mr Foley to the door.
- Get the fuck off me.
- Hey, take it easy.
Get off me, man.
Get the fuck off me. Get off!
Get the fuck off me, man. Get off!
Get off me. Think I'm playing games?
I'm fucking somebody up.
What the fuck is this shit?
Did you see that?
I can describe them all.
Put your hands
on the hood of the car.
- What's with you guys?
- You heard him, sir. Do it now.
What kind of shit is this?
Wait a second.
You're arresting me
for getting thrown out of a window?
I got thrown out of a window, man!
Gun, partner!
Sir, you're under arrest.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say will be used
against you in court.
You have the right
to have an attorney.
I understand the rights.
This is bullshit.
I got thrown out of a window.
- Get in the car.
- What's the charge?
Possession of a concealed weapon
and disturbing the peace.
I got thrown out of a window!
What's the charge for getting
pushed out of a car,
Полицейский из Беверли Хиллз Полицейский из Беверли Хиллз

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