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Полицейский из Беверли-Хиллз III

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Serge, I need a weapon now.
Donny. Donny, Ackwell
in some kind of rush, OK?
So take the Annihilator
and wash it off with some cologne,
and take the case and make sure
it's nice and pretty.
It's Corinthian leather.
- Billy, Axel calling.
- Axel, listen. Am I your friend?
I'm sure you can explain,
or maybe you can't explain,
but you've got to turn yourself in.
- I'm going to Wonder World.
- No! Wait for me! Axel!
Put your arms out
and hold for a pat-down.
Foley just arrived, sir.
Take him to control.
We have Foley.
Come on.
- How much do you want run?
- All of it.
- Are you OK?
- Let's have the paper.
There's a Porsche by the front gate.
There's a phone inside.
When she calls, I'll give you it.
- I don't think so.
- Then we got a stalemate.
Not quite. Orrin...
We kill you both.
The paper don't mean jack shit.
How you know I didn't mail
it to the Secret Service?
- He's bluffing.
- You think so? Call me.
Orrin, I know how cops think.
The note is in the car.
The keys, Foley.
Give me the fucking keys.
- Drop that fucking gun!
- Again?
Drop it!
Axel, what are you doing here?
- What happened?
- It's the coolant safety system.
Protects the mainframe
in case of fire.
- How do we get it open?
- We can't. Not from this side.
He's trying to use an outside line.
Do something!
Hello, police?
Foley's loose in the park!
I repeat...
Foley's loose in the park! Get him!
Mr. DeWald!
We gotta do something.
Call for help!
There's just the modem line
for the computers.
I got it!
Just let the computer dial...
The phone would just ring and ring.
That's it. What good would that be?
A lot of good.
We can call Flint's pager.
Foley is in Hometown Square. Repeat,
Foley is in Hometown Square.
Foley is heading for Alien Attack.
Attention. This is a red alert.
Aliens are invading the city.
Board the subway trains
for immediate evacuation.
He ran up those stairs.
I need that right away!
Damn it. Not again. Excuse me.
Dispatch, this is Flint.
Trace that number
that keeps calling me. 555-4085.
It's a computer line
at the Wonder World theme park.
Call and tell them
their computer's broken.
We tried,
but all the voice lines are down.
Must be that Uncle Dave shooting.
- Jesus! Somebody shot Uncle Dave?
- Some fool named Axel Foley.
Where the fuck is he?
Get to a phone and call the police.
I'll try and find Axel.
All right!
There you are. Foley's...
Name's Wild Bill Rosewood.
I'm the sheriff of this town.
What the hell happened here?
Damn it!
Turn that fucking song off!
Foley? You all right?
- Hello, Fulbright.
- You hurt bad?
Look, Foley, I guess I owe you
an apology. You were right.
I got Sanderson handcuffed
in the car. He was in on it, right?
I found out about another partner
that was in on it.
So long, Foley.
You OK?
Any chance you can explain
any of this to me?
Like why the fuck am I shot?
You guys OK?
- Are you OK?
- I'm fine.
I wonder what time the park opens.
He needs medical attention.
- Does this hurt?
- Don't touch it.
I am so happy to introduce to you
our new character in Wonder World,
named after a man who's most
responsible for my being here today.
Axel Fox!
I don't think you've seen
the Tunnel of Love ride, have you?
I didn't know y'all had a
Tunnel of Love ride in Wonder World.
There will be shortly.No questions about the layout, right?
No questions.
Let's go over this shit again.
They got a small dinger on the door.
I'll get 'em to open it.
Then me and Levine go in. Giolito
and Pederson, block this door.
OK? Rondell and Leppert,
hit the back door.
No problem. It's a piece of cake.
McKee and Cline, you're outside
in case we get some jump-outs...
- Foley.
- Excuse me a sec.
Where in the hell is SWAT?
- Boss, I cancelled the SWAT team.
- You what?
I wouldn't raid
a church bingo game without SWAT.
These guys are carjackers.
They're mechanics.
We don't need SWAT
blowing holes in my evidence.
Полицейский из Беверли-Хиллз III Полицейский из Беверли-Хиллз III

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