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Полицейский из Беверли-Хиллз III

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re doing.
l know the drill.
You hassle DeWald, you get him
to panic, make a rash move...
But God damn it, Foley,
we do not want to panic this man.
We want him doing business as fucking
usual. Do you copy me, Foley?
Ticket to Detroit, first class,
courtesy of the Federal Government.
Also, my card.
Should you have any more thoughts
about DeWald, let us handle it.
l give you my word as a gentleman
l'll be on that plane.
Truck was spotted
by an LAPD traffic officer.
lt's a different colour
but the same make and model.
Read you. Out. Beach leader, over?
Negatory, SWAT,
hold for our arrival.
ETA...1 1 minutes. Out.
Billy, who were you talking to?
Truck was inside
the county green line,
so l co-ordinated
with the SMPD, BHPD,
LAPD, sheriff of Los Angeles County,
Parks and Recreation,
Highway Patrol, district attorney's
office and US Naval Shore Patrol.
Beach leader to team one. Proceed.
All teams standing ready...
Go! Go! Go!
Area secured.
Lab says these are the same
fibres as the truck upholstery.
No help there. Some sand, probably
blew in after it was abandoned.
l just had a very unpleasant
conversation with my superiors.
- About being busted?
- No.
There was some objection to my use
of manpower on Operation Truck Siege.
- What is it?
- You got a $50 bill?
l'm married with kids.
l haven't seen a 50 in 1 2 years.- You got a $50 bill?
- When do l get it back?
Man, give me $50!
lt's all l got.
This is part of a $50 bill like
Billy's with the hidden barcode.
The corner tore.
Happens all the time.
No, the barcode's going up,
so it comes off this corner.
lf it comes off this corner
it should have ink on it.
lt's too big to be blank.
Look! lt's Oki-Doki!
Don't let your brother get away.
l got to load my camera.
Nice little kid.
How you doing? Good to see you.
- l love you, Oki-Doki!
- Oki, do the Oki Shuffle.
That's not right! lt's like this.
Listen, l changed the steps.
You got a problem with that?
You're supposed to be nice,
no matter what!
You little motherfucker...
Grandma! Grandma!
Oki-Doki pushed me!
You take it already.
Come on, Sheldon.
You playing or what?
Who ate garlic?
When's lunch?
l want a pastrami on rye.
See that move, Rufus Rabbit?
- Axel?
- What?
Coffee. Would you like some coffee?
Louis, how's it going?
- Fine, fine.
- Say hi to lrene.
- Will do.
- Louis?
Follow me.
l wouldn't mind giving her a massage.
When DeWald took over
he stuck me down here
on what he calls park safety watch.
He thinks he took me
out of the loop,
but as long as l have a computer
l can still access
most of what's in the mainframe.
- ls this the tunnel system?
- Yes.
Do any of these tunnels lead to
somewhere only DeWald's boys can go?
No. All park accesses are
unrestricted to park personnel.
Except for the Happy Forest.
That's being redone.
Show me the Happy Forest.
That would be right here
at the end of corridor B.
lt's right after...
lt's right after...
- How long's it been closed?
- Too long.
l'm talking about
the Happy Forest ride?
The Forest.
Yes, about a couple of weeks.
lt wasn't very popular
so they're trying some new ideas.
l think they found one.
Can l have this?
- Sure.
- Thanks.
There you go.
You know...
when this thing is over...
Would you like to get together
and have some dinner or something?
- That would be nice.
- Can you put that in here?
Sure. There you go.
- We have a date.
- A date.
All right.
Can you help me with this?
There you go.
Remember, an elephant never forgets.
All right.
- Louis, how goes it?
- Fine. Nice to see you.
- Say hello to lrene.
- You bet. See you.
Everything on schedule?
l had to tweak the image a little
bit, but it's under control now.
Foley's up there.
Get him!
Will the DeWald family
please come to Tiny Town?
The DeWald family to Tiny Town.
But, honey,
the Happy Forest is closed.
OK, l'll meet you
at the main gate at 5:00.
- l'm sorry.
- You
Полицейский из Беверли-Хиллз III Полицейский из Беверли-Хиллз III

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