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Полицейский из Беверли-Хиллз III

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lmpossible. So it comes here. Every
crime that crosses the green line.
- The green line?
- Green lines of jurisdiction.
Beverly Hills,
West Hollywood, Santa Monica.
Officers respect these green lines,
but the criminal doesn't.
Whenever a criminal crosses green
lines, the DDO-JSlOC goes to work.
Very impressive, Billy.
l control the green lines,
and Axel...
whoever controls the green lines
controls Southern California.
You wanted to see me, Billy?
The sheriff's department nabbed
two guys pulling a stall-and-hook.
lt's the same MO
as those jobs on Melrose.
l'll run out there and talk to them.
They're in Van Nuys.
l'll tell them you're coming.
Jon, l want you
to meet a friend of mine.
Axel Foley. Axel, Jon Flint.
How are you? l've heard about you.
You're from Detroit, right?
- Taggart talked about you.
- Taggart! Where is he?
Taggart's retired to Phoenix.
Spends his days lost in the woods
looking for his golf balls.
That's a dream
l'm not too far from myself.
What brings you to California?
- l'm looking for a killer.
- ln Beverly Hills?
- No. Wonder World.
- Wonder World?
You mean Rufus Rabbit
has gone berserko?
No. My boss got gunned down.
The killer escaped
in a cream-coloured Ford truck.
- l think it's here.
- Plates?
Plates were phoney. Some evidence
points to Wonder World.
l want to go to Wonder World
and ask some questions.
- Would y'all know somebody there?
- Ellis DeWald, head of security.
Biggest private
security force in America.
- Can you introduce me to him?
- Soon as l get back from Van Nuys.
You go on out. l'll call DeWald,
tell him you're coming.
- He's a pal of mine. l'll meet you.
- Great. Thanks.
You'll love Wonder World,
it's a great place.
Axel, don't forget,
we play by the rules around here.
l've heard Taggart's stories.
Which one of those green lines
is Wonder World behind?
Welcome to Wonder World. Can l help?
Yes, l'd like to talk to a park
executive, a Mr Ellis DeWald.
- Do you have an appointment?
- l'm supposed to. Axel Foley.
l'm sorry, sir.
l don't have you on the list.
Maybe they haven't called yet.
A Detective Flint was supposed
to call and get me squared away.
lf you don't have an appointment
you'll need a ticket.
- How much is a ticket?
- $35.
That allows you access
to all rides and attractions.
Wait a minute.
l don't want to go on any rides.
All l wanna do
is talk to the director of security.
Excuse me, sir,
would you step out of line?
- What line?
- Just step over here, please, sir.
Thank you.
- ls there a problem, sir?
- $35, that's the problem.
lf the admission seems high,
try Fantasy Park.
You might find
their ticket price to your liking.
l'm here to see Ellis DeWald.
ls he your boss?
Yes. Mr DeWald
is head of guest relations.
- Do you have an appointment?
- l'm supposed to.
Supposed to is not having,
is it, sir?
Excuse me.
- One, please.
- There you go. Thank you.
Thank you.
You should have your tailor
cut the jacket a little wider.
That way your gun
won't bulge in the back.
Thank you.
Uncle Dave.
What's going on?
''Alien Attack''?
Can l help you?
l was just curious
what Alien Attack is.
Attention! This is a red alert.
Aliens are invading the city.
Board the subway trains
for immediate evacuation.
This is wild.
Yes. lt's one of
our more popular attractions.
Excuse me,
but what are you doing in here?
You're right. l gotta go. l have
a meeting, but thanks for the show.
Tunnel nine. Take a look.
- What should we do?
- l'll send Cooper. Get him.
Excuse me.
- That's not fair.
- Maintenance. Gotta grease a chain.
- Hear how dry it sounds?
- Sorry.
Come on. Let's go.
- Hi, Mom!
- Up here!
- Hi, Mommy! Up here!
- We're here!
- Bring that man down.
- l can't until it goes all...
- Bring it down, damn it.
- Don't...
Don't. Don't! Jesus!
- What the hell?
- Oh, my God!
Code red on The Spider.
Wonder World? Axel!
Полицейский из Беверли-Хиллз III Полицейский из Беверли-Хиллз III

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