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Полицейский из Беверли-Хиллз III

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see money.
l just want to look in the back.
- Where's our money?
- Pay him.
You think we should have used SWAT?
- Fuck SWAT.
- That's what l say. Fuck SWAT.
- Some guy. What should l do?
- Kill him.
How you doing? ls this the illegal
chop shop where they chop up cars?
l got my wife's Buick. l want it
chopped, the bitch ain't been right.
Go, go, go!
They got fucking machineguns.
- You said they had no guns!
- They must have changed their view.
Get the 12-gauge.
We should've called SWAT.
Police! Hands in the air!
Move it! Go! Go!
What the...?
Daniel, come on!
Cover me. l'm going in with Todd.
Axel, you on a coffee break?
Go get that son of a bitch.
Boss. Hey, man! Shit!
We got a tail.
Wax that clown.
God damn it!
Help me, man.
Police officer!
Trying to catch a killer. Move it!
- Get out of my way! l'm a cop!
- Take it easy.
Get the fuck out of here,
all right?
Thank you. My name's Steve Fulbright.
Could l see some lD, please?
l am a Detroit police officer.
My name is Axel... Where's my shit?
l'm a police officer chasing
a killer who's getting away now.
- We know.
- You know what?
We know.
What's happened is you're in the
middle of a federal investigation.
What, income tax? The fucking guy
just shot a police officer!
lt's very important
he not be apprehended at this time.
We want to know where he's going
and who he's selling it to.
- lt's drugs?
- We're not DEA.
We appreciate
your co-operation on this.
l checked with Washington,
Fulbright's kosher.
He's working
on something classified.
lf they want these guys loose
we should close the investigation.
Fuck them. l want the man
that killed Todd. What you got?
Not a hell of a lot.
The dead mechanics were executed.
Only one was strapped,
he was still holstered.
The bodies of the shooters
had 30,000 cash.
- High-price heat.
- San Diego drivers' licenses.
San Diego PD's sheet says enforcers
for hire for Tijuana drug dealers.
lt's about drugs?
An attachй case had a towel from
the Wonder World Hotel, California.
Wonder World? Did you check out
that car they shot Todd from?
Rental from the airport.
The renter's a Dr Oliver Hirsch.
- A stolen lD?
- Yeah.
Doctor said it was lifted
while in an amusement park.
- l hope the park was Wonder World.
- Yeah.
- Excuse me.
- Wonder World.
l understand
that you were with him at the end.
Yeah. His last words were about you.
That does not sound
like my Douglas, Axel. Try again.
Actually, his last words were,
''Axel, are you on a coffee break?
Go and get that son of a bitch.''
Those were his last words.
- That sounds like my Douglas.
- lt sounds like a good idea, too.
Hello, l'm looking
for Billy Rosewood.
Welcome to Beverly Hills Police.
To continue this message
in English, press one.
For Spanish, press two.
For Farsi, press three.
lf you have homeless people
on your lawn, press 15.
lf you need
the riot rumour hotline, press 17.
Which button for Billy Rosewood?
Monsieur Rosewood? ln the house?
Le Rosewood. Moi le Rosewood.
''Monsieur йtait beau.
Le crayon. La table.''
Come in.
lt's open.
- Axel Foley!
- Billy, how you doing?
- l don't believe it.
- Look at your office! Look at this!
You got three windows,
venetian blinds, and a ficus.
One of them big, healthy
ficus in your office.
Not just the ficus. Look.
You got a refrigerator
in your office?
J Edgar Hoover
didn't have a refrigerator.
Just some hair curlers or something.
- Did they promote you to captain?
- l'm DDO-JSlOC.
The JG-Joe-Joe-C? What is that?
Deputy Director of Operations
for Joint Systems lnterdepartmental
Operational Command.
Here we are. Los Angeles. one of the
greatest cities in the world, Axel,
divided by its unique geography.
- Geography?
- LA is a vast metropolis
with social and economic imbalances
spread over an enormous distance.
A criminal hits Beverly Hills,
then West Hollywood, then downtown.
Whose responsibility is it?
Полицейский из Беверли-Хиллз III Полицейский из Беверли-Хиллз III

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