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Покровские ворота

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a lot of things.
You should be more up-to-date,
keep in tune with reality.
- The end of the century is in the air.
- What do you mean?
You're calling her a naiad, speaking
about feeling blue like Blok.
- And you're three sheets in the wind.
- Kostya, don't be rude.
- A naiad! She is a swimmer!
- Call her Madama Butterfly.
There is such a swimming stroke,
a very progressive one.
- No kidding?
- Not at all, I know it.
I need to think about it. A cafe!
I'll catch up with you.
- We are going together now!
- Oh no!
Kostya? He'll be any minute now.
Yes, I'll put it down,
I'll just take a pencil.
Ah, here he is.
Yes? Oh, what a surprise!
Your boyfriend in the army now?..
Ah, I see. Right. Bye.
Compexes, complexes...
A butterfly!
- You're plastered!
- What a hail-fellow manner!
I know my limit all too well.
But as for you... I've been observing
you for quite a long time.
I remember how you talked with
Sveta and how you stared at her!
- What do you mean?
- You... you!..
You were craving her!
- What a cheek! It's slander!
- I know what' I'm talking about!
- You can blow the wedding!
- Nonsense!
- You're the bride's witness.
- I can control myself!
- Sveta has walked out on me!
- Look at your humble servant:
in a wink I met and then
lost a girl of my dream.
And what do you think? I passed
my exams yesterday, all right?
There is someone... Oh Jesus...
There is someone
between the two of us.
The young lot, especially the fair one,
are too undemanding nowadays.
But she was at my concert,
she witnessed my success!
You shouldn't bemoan it:
she fell short.
- You think so?
- She is a flippant girl.
The Festival of Youth is at hand.
There will come handsome guys
from New Zealand!..
If you let feelings take the most
of you, you would pine away!
- It makes sense.
- So, you are lucky then!
- After all, I'm Velyurov!
- Right you are.
- I'm Velyurov!
- Velyurov indeed!
- I'm Velyurov!
- You've said a mouthful!
Arkady Varlamovich, excuse me.
Anna Adamovna!
- Why are you so late?
- I don't know myself.
- I'm having a wedding today.
- How come?
I'm the bridegroom's best man.
- Please meet the bridesmaid.
- How do you do.
Ah, I'm at a loss, you know.
I was thinking, thinking...
Shall I drop in or shall I not...
- I've dropped in just for a minute.
- Yes, of course.
The books are waiting for you.
I'm so absurd, you know,
so faltering.
So illogical!..
Yes? Yes?
- Hi.
- What is it, Margo?
- How is your side feeling?
- It hurts a bit.
- I'm sorry, it's such a mess here.
- It's all right. Are you alone?
Yes, though I can't understand
how it may concern you.
- And what about the skating rink?
- What about it?
You're very secretive. We've
been together for 15 years,
and it never occurred to me
you were a skating star!
People change, given
certain circumstances.
That injure will tell
on your appendix.
- You're going somewhere?
- Yes.
- Alone?
- It's none of your business.
It's not your self speaking,
it's your vacuum crying out!
The vacuum which you strive
to fill artificially!
- You have no need of her!
- You are no judge!
I know better what you need.
I saw that small forehead of hers...
Would you be so kind
as to show some respect!
You just taking revenge on me!
Some silly commonplace,
a shame to any thinking man!
I'm not asking you whether you're
going alone to the wedding ceremony!
- You're suffering!
- I don't want your sympathy!
You must pay Savva his dues.
You know he's a virtuous man.
- Things prosper in his hands.
- Things burn down in yours!
I've been spoiling your life.
Now we're free, the two of us!
You think now you can
demonstrate your inclinations?
- What inclinations?
- I remember everything.
How you came home late,
which, being not too circumspect,
you explained by that usual
absentmindedness of yours!
- Or how you didn't come to dacha!
- I lost my key!
Or that harlot from the Scandinavian
Покровские ворота Покровские ворота

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