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Покровские ворота

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spirit is a must!..'
I have it, Margarita Pavlovna!
Here you are!
Happy New Year, Alice.
Happy New Year, Aziz.
May you be happy!
The hendecassylabic metre
of the poet Thaletes
is a complicated pentameter,
consisting of four trochees
and one dactyl,
which took the second place.
In classic prosody, namely
in the hendecassylabic metre
we meet a caesura, every time -
after an arsis in the third foot.
This prosody is quite adaptable
in Russian language too...
- Please, Nina Andreevna.
- Thank you.
'Like a ship all too eager
to neglect its rigging:
'Now its sails billowing,
then - its oars feathering...
'Likewise you: it's a double passion
that you seek...
'You lad, seeking love...'
- Jesus, I can't...
- '...Burning with passion...'
'You lad, seeking love,
Burning with passion.
'So do you, lass: bereft of love,
Shedding bitter tears,
'You accept someone's
Unwelcome caresses...'
'The snow whirling: a lovely scene!
The blue lights shimmering above:
'Skating-rink gives a 'ring-ring'...
And reminds me of school-time love.
'You're merging with lights, so near:
I'm calling and after you run...
'Hey, catch me, I can hear.
You're playing with me. What a fun!
'Hey, catch me, I can hear.
You're playing with me. What a fun!'
'Falling snow, and
falling in love...
Lev Evghenievich, poor thing!
Let me help you.
Get up, my poor darling.
- It's all my blame.
- No, I'm too clumsy.
No, you skate nicely!
Are you hurt that much?
I just remembered about
Bertrand Dufois.
- Who was he?
- A trouvere of things hedonic.
- What happened to him?
- He fell down and died.
How awful!
You should be administered
an anti-tetanus serum!
You, an educated person, you
can't see elementary things!
You saw what happened with
that trouver of yours?..
Ah, Kostya!
- What happened with you?
- Just hurt myself a bit.
- He made a turn and fell down.
- It's a usual thing.
Girls, go and skate a bit,
I'll sit and talk with Lev Evghenievich.
- You will not leave him?
- Of course not!
What the hell you are doing here?
Margarita didn't accept her,
so - I'm 'spinning' here.
In my age, living some
illusory life...
We go to the flicks,
the last seances.
We were at the operetta.
Now - at the skating rink...
We also were at a lecture. She was
so kind to take the challenge...
- So, she is a kind girl, isn't she?
- Very kind. And very emotional too.
I told her about Francois Villon -
she nearly sobbed for pity.
Wow, I guess he was stabbed or
hanged up or something like that.
He died under strange circumstances.
You will scare the girl
out of her wits, Lev Evghenievich.
What do you think: can I expect
that my love be reciprocated?
You? By Jove, of course!
You're the incarnate virtue!
Life is great, Lev Evghenievich!
Kostya, what shall I do now?
I fell in love with her!
You must mold your own life,
be a master of your destiny.
- It's she!
- Who?! Margarita Pavlovna?
No, it's she. Stay here,
I'll be back in a moment...
Lev Evghenievich! Poor thing,
he left you alone?
I was waiting for you.
Shall we go? I shall see you home.
- No, I love it being here.
- Oh really?
Yes, these lights,
this marvelous spinning.
You in this lovely sweater,
and this music...
And I loved that polka dance
so much!
I could hardly find you.
- Why're you looking for me?
- I was told to.
- Hi.
- Good evening.
The boy living next door said he
saw you here, on the Clear Pond.
What business did he have
telling on me!
He is just a kid, you can't blame him.
Margarita threw herself into a tantrum!
She asked me to bring you home.
For God's sake!
Savva, go home.
- Don't get into a huff.
- Yes, I'll see you home...
Either you leave now, or
everything is over between us!
Lyuda, let's go on skating.
- Savva, you here too?
- Kostya...
- Where is Lev Evghenievich?
- He's skating.
Margarita can't find any peace
without him, and he's skating!
- What do they want from him?
- They care for
Покровские ворота Покровские ворота

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