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Покровские ворота

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engrave their names.
I don't know nothing about self-
abnegation, but it's a very rough work.
It can be done with
an etching needle.
- A healthy approach to the subject!
- Sophistry's not for craftsmen.
- What about diggers in 'Hamlet'?
- They're simply hacks!
They threw one girl up the other day
and never caught her.
She's on a sick leave now.
Suspended from competitions.
The 'Labour Reserves' Club.
Svetlana is a professional swimmer,
she swims on her back nicely!
I have a real man
in my house at last.
My Savva is such a darling,
I am very happy.
A wonderful evening!
'twas so fascinating!
- I wanted to tell you...
- It's all right, I understand.
'twas so invigorating!
C'est magnifique!
But mind, the scraper is what
levels out the burr!..
- He is absolutely possessed!
- This makes him so charming.
I can tell you what it
all boils down to...
I can see, my dear colleague.
For God's sake!..
Lev Evghenievich, hold on.
I just admire your attitude.
- You rose to the occasion!
- What do you mean?
- Well, 'meine Freunde'!
- Au revoir!
- Auf Wiedersehen!
- Good bye. Au revoir!
- Auf Wiedergucken!
- Your humble servant...
Savva. Lev...
Highly spiritual relations!
Just all right,
for intelligent people!
I am so tired.
What was the idea of mounting
your hobby-horse?
Using burins in metal-work,
Margarita Pavlovna:
engraving is a very delicate matter.
Haste makes waste.
And you were such a wet blanket.
I'm sure that with that Mildred
you're more eloquent!
She's Lyudmila! And don't
mention her name in vain!
- Vouzette ridicule, mon ami.
- Don't mention her name in vain!
Darling, you should take
a course of injections.
Well, let's go to sleep.
- I can hardly stand on my feet.
- I'll just smoke a cigarette.
Savva, I'm in complete despair.
Lev Evghenievich, take it easy.
Everything will settle down.
We'll get married by spring,
we'll move to a new apartment.
You'll be your own master here,
you'll enjoy yourself!
Many a thing can happen
before spring.
You must understand her too.
Bringing girls here. She feels hurt.
I'm bringing no girls!
It's different, a delicate matter.
You can't imagine what I've gone
through during this evening.
It's awful!
Just calm down. You'll have
to be patient...
- It's life.
- I understand.
- It's nothing compared with war.
- I understand.
Savva Ignatievich!..
'Like a river you flow,
With a tender fairy-name,
'And your pavement transparent -
Like in water-ways.
'Ah, Arbat, my dear street,
You're my big destiny:
'Therein lies my grief
And my happy days.
'Ah, Arbat, my dear street.
You're my big destiny:
'Therein lies my grief
And my happy days.
'Passers-by walking you
Are simple-hearted legion.
'The staccato of steps,
It's a busy day...
'Ah, Arbat, my dear street,
You're my big religion.
With your pavements beneath,
Here so nice to stay...
'Ah, Arbat, my dear street,
You're my big religion.
'With your pavements beneath,
Here so nice to stay...
'I'm obsessed with this love,
Pavements sing a dear song.
'Many streets that I knew
Were just foreign land.
'Ah, Arbat, dear Arbat:
This is where I belong.
'Walking you, walking you... -
You will never end.
'Ah, Arbat, dear Arbat:
This is where I belong.
'Walking you, walking you... -
'You will never end...'
My dear aquarium enwrapped
in sleep. Yes...
'Hi, my audience, you at last!
Listen to my funny rhymes:
'How some characters of past
Came to live in modern times...
'Dame of Spades, a hapless lot,
Kicked the bucket on the spot.
'Poor lady couldn't wait:
Ambulance a bit too late...
'Romeo fancied: it would be good
To buy for Juliet some fast food.
'Each of them a cutlet ate... -
Poor Romeo and Juliet!
'My dear friend, don't knit your brow:
I'm a comedian, you know.
'Is it satire? Not so much.
But I admit - there is some touch.
'I'd like to mention therefore
A poet Nekrasov of the past:
'You needn't be a poet, bro,
But civil
Покровские ворота Покровские ворота

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