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Покровские ворота

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- Jesus, what a surprise!
One moment, I'll just
put something on...
- Meanwhile, may I make a call?
- Absolutely, my dear Sveta!
So, you are Sveta. My stepson
is just crazy about you.
Your stepson? I'm not
some babe in the wood for you.
My name is Constantine,
which means 'constant'.
- My congratulations to your wife.
- I'm as lonely as Robinson Crusoe.
- The worse for you.
- I'm not as lucky as you are.
I've known him only for 3 days.
- So where did you meet him?
- At the swimming competitions.
Wow, Velyurov was swimming too?!
He was watching.
I came the second.
The 'Labour Reserves' Club?
- How do you know?
- Intuition.
- He calls you Mermaid.
- He sent me a wire.
- 'cause I have no telephone.
- What is in the wire?
- 'Pining away'. Great.
- Really?
You've made a good choice.
He is a man with a scope and...
I'm sorry.
Sveta, would you come in?
I can't. Have you got the tickets?
I've lost my head, really!
Show me the telegram.
I couldn't read the address.
- Why do you need it?
- I just need it.
- But why?
- I'll explain it to you later.
'All your life may go to pieces
Like a castle on the sand.
'You're pretty - for wrong kisses,
You're clever - just offhand...'
- Tomorrow at 7 p.m.
- Thanks.
- Shall we meet after the concert?
- Only if it is not too late.
Oh my naiad...
What did you tell her?
I was just entertaining her, while
you were putting on your trousers!
You can't have anything
in common with Sveta!
- How do you know?
- What?!
Yes? It's for you.
Yes. Who is speaking?
llya? What a surprise.
Yes, I know.
Ha, that's a pretty kettle of fish!
The stage was like
'home sweet home' to me,
and now it has turned
into a Golgotha!
But who is not drinking?
Tell me!
Enough of it.
You just spit into my soul!
- They care about you.
- Oh, I know what they're worth.
You must drop this bad habit.
It's a bit damp here.
Arkady Varlamovich, what
about wetting our whistles?
Mind, you said it.
Let's go.
This umbrella is such a maverick.
- You're like a child.
- But meanwhile...
I am 43 years old.
- And you lost your referral...
- Yes, it was so ridiculous.
I was afraid you wouldn't come.
- You mean you're so lonely?
- Well, you know...
'Oh bitter recollections, once again
you enter my desolate house...'
- Is it your verse?
- No, it's Camoens.
- He is dead already.
- God Almighty!
- He died in the 16th century.
- In the 16th century?
His is a very sad biography.
He was a soldier, he had lost his eye.
- Then he died a pauper...
- Oh my!
Jesus, you're such a tender heart...
Give me the way, please...
Ladies first...
Please, pass the fare...
Shucks, this umbrella again...
- What's the matter?
- I've hurt my finger.
- Your handkerchief is clean?
- Comparatively.
Then you'd better take mine.
We must bandage your finger.
- Please, sit down.
- Oh no, I don't need this.
- We must show respect to old people.
- Thank you, young lady.
- Lyuda, please, sit down.
- No, I can't, Lev Evghenievich.
- Please...
- But I can't.
Lyuda, but please.
Oh, how many books you have.
You must be a professor!
I work at the publishing house.
I edit foreign poetry.
Camo... Camoens...
The one that had lost his eye?
And Cervantes had lost his hand.
Oh stop it. This is too much!
We can't help it. It's life.
We are waiting for you!
Is this Savva Ignatievich?
Nina Andreevna.
Good evening, dear colleague.
- A little surprise.
- Come on in.
Savva, tell Khobotov
the Orloviches are here.
Javol, Margarita Pavlovna.
Your Savva is a pleasant guy.
He was an artist of metal work,
now he is an instructor.
How is he getting on with your ex?
He likes him very much.
You can't but like Khobotov.
And what does Lev Evghenievich
make of all this?
He gives Savva his dues, of course.
Oh, highly spiritual relations!
'A beggar seeking alms you are,
An outcast by all forsaken.
'So feeling sore your poor heart:
And bitter death would be a
Покровские ворота Покровские ворота

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