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Покровские ворота

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to seeing you.
I've got used to your hands,
to the features of your face,
to your mimicry.
There is nothing special about me.
Oh, how wrong you are,
how wrong!
You remember my first coming here?
- You forgot the referral.
- Oh yes!
Any other woman would have
sent me away, but you...
- Allow me to kiss your hand.
- Oh, please don't.
Just to kiss your hand a farewell.
Yes? Close the door!
- For how more long?
- Close the door and wait.
- Do I keep you from working?
- Oh, not at all.
It's autumn now already.
Soon it will be raining,
the wind will start howling...
The season of influenza!
You should keep your feet warm.
Thank you. Oh how I thank you!
Doesn't your wife
take care of you?
My wife? You see, she is...
She is a very busy person, she lives
an intensive spiritual life...
Besides, we've parted our ways.
- She went away?
- Not in the strict sense of it, but...
...she just stepped out.
- God Almighty!
- She fell in love with another guy.
- For crying outloud!
'What is there left to a lover?
A farewell word. Slowly dies
'A fire of Indian summer.
Then - silence, thin layers of ice...'
A verse? Did you write it?
No, someone else.
He died of consumption.
- How horrible!
- I'd like to see you again.
But I don't know where
we can see each other.
Well, there are places.
There is a laboratory on the corner.
People bring their tests there...
If you don't mind,
I'll be waiting for you there.
Have you finished?
- You're being very popular.
- No, vitamin injections are.
Too many neurological patients.
We're scarce of the personnel.
What about our date?
All right. After I finish work.
Oh, thank you!
Thank you very much!
- Well?
- Get undressed!..
'So here I am, before all of ye,
A serious and a funny guy...'
Kostya, it's for you.
What do I tell them?
Let them call later.
I'm sorry, my dear,
but Kostya is a bit busy now.
He is taking a shower.
Will you please leave your telephone
number. I'll take it down.
One second, I'll take the pencil.
Could you be a little more quiet -
I'm working with an author!
I'm sorry, I'm very sorry.
Soev, my dear friend...
- What does that all mean?
- It's Savva Ignatievich working.
No, I didn't speak to you.
He is wrong to think
we have a workshop here!
Soev, my dear friend,
please, just hump yourself.
You're a great talent.
I don't know what you want from me.
- You want too much.
- It's my style.
Yes, but remember
how you failed too.
Temperament - yes, but at the same
time - austere expressive means.
Well, I'll talk with
my wife about this.
My regards to Olga Yanovna.
I'll be waiting for you on Tuesday.
He likes everything he writes.
It's all because of his wifey.
She is his evil genius,
she is burning incense to him.
All right. I shall tell him.
Dear Alice, you just
dote on your Kostya.
You became sort of
his personal secretary.
You encourage these
ladies' hullabaloo.
Arkady Varlamovich,
but it is so simple!
The boy came to Moscow.
New acquaintances, new temptations.
Of course there appear women
who're too eager to chaperon him.
'Sing, sing, nightingales,
Spring, spring in the veins...'
No, he is questionable!
I wouldn't give him too much rope.
'War-loving viper
hisses and stings...'
Me and my auntie, we're pure
souls. You wouldn't understand.
A telephone number
of a mysterious lass.
Who can it be? I can't remember.
- Boo!
- Too many things on my mind.
I study at the History department,
moonlighting too -
an instructor at the athletics club.
Selling your body?
- Will you have something to eat?
- I wouldn't object to that, auntie.
Maybe I should get on the horn to her,
just for the kicks of it..
- Ah, no, let her relax.
- Tartuffe!
- Arkady Velyurov home?
- Home he is.
- You're what, his son?
- Honey, I'm his step-father.
I wouldn't buy that.
Well, this is my cross to bear.
Arkady Varlamovich, it's for you!
- Good
Покровские ворота Покровские ворота

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