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Покровские ворота

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I'm pleased to see
more people coming here,
not with standing
the inclement weather.
Specially for them I'll perform
another couplet of my friend,
whom I don't hesitate to call
the great poet Soev!
Give him a round of applause!
'A jazz-band made such a knack,
That I had a heart attack.
'Boogie-woogie: do you like it? -
But I nearly kicked the bucket.
'There was once a bum who died,
All his bum-friends bitterly cried.
'And two punks, right on his grave,
made a boogie-woogie rave!'
Sveta! Sveta!
Gladkova! Gladkova!
Sveta! Sveta!
I hope you remember me:
Arkady Velyurov, a stand-up artiste.
'Firmas e bankas latino-amerikanos...
'Latino-amerikanos economi...'
- Khobotov, what does that mean?
- I just took your hair-dryer.
Are you going out? Don't forget,
we're having guests today.
- Let Savva entertain them.
- Please, don't be late.
I can't promise you that.
You bring only discomfort to me...
We have won!
Oh no, you haven't.
Yasha, come and join us.
Oh, shucks.
Savva Ignatievich,
go and do some shopping!
We're having guests today,
the Orloviches.
Funf Minuten', Margarita Pavlovna.
My old buddy came to see me.
So, you are a complete family
guy now, aren't ye?
As a matter of fact I am.
We're going to get married soon.
How it happened,
between the two of ye?
Yes, Savva, give us
a clean breast of things.
We lived next door during
the summer season.
I rented a room in a dacha.
So they lived next door.
So how it all developed?
Little by little?
You see...
Her ex, Lev Evghenievich,
is a phenomenal person!
He is a very learned guy, you know.
He speaks languages as a birdie
would sing its songs.
But for the same reason he has
lack of balance in his head.
When in town, he can manage so-so.
But when he had to face Nature,
he appeared a complete nincompoop.
First, they charged him the double
price for the dacha room.
The passports - their
registration was overdue.
His razor burnt down because
of the voltage difference there.
The same thing happened
to their flat iron.
Every time he'd short-circuit smth.
And the dacha in complete darkness.
- His wife all in tears...
- And presto - there you are.
Nothing of this kind on my mind.
It was just breaking my heart.
To see a fabulously clever woman,
a specialist on South America,
so energetic - a real commander!
And losing her heart...
I was like babysitting him.
He breaks things, I repair them.
Ha, you're such a smart alec!
Yeah, Savva, you've broken
a close-knit Soviet family.
You've trampled to ashes
the family hearth.
Kostya, don't give me that too!
It was not my initiative!
Once Lev Evghenievich left for town.
He promised to be back by dinner,
but he didn't come back.
He came neither by supper, nor
by breakfast, nor the next morning.
At this junction
she became so fidgety.
And in the evening, when I tried
to calm her down, she said:
'Stay with me, Savva Ignatievich.'
And you?
I stood 'at attention', of course,
We've been together since.
They have an apartment being built
for them. We'll move in by spring.
So you'll live in his apartment?
So what? It's their decision.
I only know my soldier's business.
Savva, go to the shop now!
Our guys speak warmly about you.
You were a second to none engraver.
Now I teach others.
She says: "You'd rather be a teacher,
it's more respectable."
She knows best, I guess.
But you were a first-class engraver!
I'm afraid I'm losing my hand now.
A man without a craft is nothing.
Take, for example, Lev Evghenievich.
Oh, thanks.
It felt great.
I'm glad to hear this.
- You did it so...you know...
- Oh really?
- It was a masterpiece of a shot!
- Oh, come on...
- I didn't feel anything.
- Too bad.
No, I meant the place
where you inserted the syringe.
As for the rest, it did
touch my feelings.
But today you had
your last injection.
Don't say that. I beg you!
I've got used to coming
Покровские ворота Покровские ворота

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