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Покровские ворота

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The doctor said we can
take you home now.
What do you mean 'take' me?
Make all the papers ready
and get down to the vestibule.
Savva, grab a cab and come here.
- Right!
- I protest!
Khobotov, calm down.
It's temporary, but necessary.
I feel responsible to a woman
that will come one day and
to whom I shall entrust you, sound
and healthy and in your right mind.
Lev, collect your things.
- Savva, tell me...
- Lev Evghenievich, come on...
Savva dear, please tell me...
Will ever there be
an end to all this?
Why don't you answer me?
- Shame on you!
- What do you mean?
I will tell you frankly.
You're an outstanding man!
I look up to you!
You have such a clever head,
all these things that you know.
But sometimes you embarrass me.
- But...
- Don't interrupt me.
You make me feel sore, really.
You've such a brilliant head,
and with this head of yours
you can't understand obvious things!
You're such a lucky person!
A great woman is caring for you.
You can live in clover.
What else do you want?
You ought to be thankful
and do what you're told to.
You had a rest, under anesthesia,
but Margarita and I could hardly
have a wink of a sleep!
Tut, tut, Savva.
I thought that this hospital
here will bring you to reason.
And you're starting all this again.
Shame on you.
Can you tell me...
Why do you want me
to live in your house?
What do you personally need me for?
Ha, you speak foreign languages,
and you can't understand Russian?
It matters not what we would do
but what we should do.
You just won't be able to
pull through without us.
Why did you hammer it
into your head
that I will not pull
through without you?!
Ask Arkady. Well, it's time.
We're taking you from here.
It will be the end of me.
It's the end.
And what if he is right?
Overemotional people
need someone else to lead them.
What are you saying?
What on earth are you saying?
Kostya! Kostya!
It's the endspiel stage of the game
now! And I'm going to play it!
At last - your moment
of glory has come!
If they take me away,
this will be the end of me!
- Don't panic.
- I know what I'm talking about!
If they take me, there
will be no escape - ever!
We must elope! Now!
- In this pajama, you can't.
- Everything has been provided for!
Velyurov takes your rags, and
you're putting on his apparel!
- But the patients!
- They will not tell on you.
It's like a big
fellowship with them.
- I'm ready!
- And what about you?
This is some crazy farce!
Yes, it's a farce, a vaudeville,
a tragic comedy!
It's all genres together, by heck!
Are you an artiste or some
bath-house attendant?
I'm disappointed! Where is your
zest for putting on masks?
- Again?..
- What do you mean - 'again'?
You've been deluding the audience
during all these 20 years!
I didn't say 'no'!
Then hit the bushes! It's
a decisive moment for all of you!
I'm doing this only out of
my sympathy for Khobotov!
My mom is right. You're just a kid!
Take it easy! Youth is
a fleeting moment!
In no time at all I will change!
And not for the better!
I will second-guess things!
I will know measure in everything!
- Oh no.
- Don't disappoint us.
Yes, we're still young now!
I look like some cheap
rogue in this suit!
Hey, it's my Sunday clothes!
I wouldn't be too fastidious
in your place, you flannel guy.
They're coming!
Arkady Varlamovich,
it's your act now!
Absolute transformation!
Break your leg!
Oh yeah...
Khobotov, what do you mean?
I was waiting for you in the lobby!
- The taxi is here.
- Very well.
- What does that mean?
- It's complete 'alles kaputt!
A story to make one's blood freeze!
He was a lion disguised as a lamb!
I just came to visit him:
He dragged me into a thicket,
tore off my clothes and
made himself scarce!
'O! that this too solid flesh
would melt,
'Thaw, and resolve
itself into a dew!'
- What're you babbling about?
- Hey, it's 'Hamlet!'
I had to put on his rags
Покровские ворота Покровские ворота

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