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Покровские ворота

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Jesus, you're such a pure soul!
- Why don't you eat?
- I don't feel like eating.
'O Lord, what is my destiny:
My poor feet are failing me...'
Did you tell the doctor about this?
This is a poem by a French
poetess, which she wrote
when she had a baby in her womb.
'What's waiting for my poor baby:
Pitch darkness I'm now in maybe.
'So many things that I abhor:
'Can't drink, can't eat,
Sweet dreams not anymore...'
It happens. Pregnancy has
different effect on women.
Once a lady came to us,
she was in the family way.
lmagine: she was sick whenever
she saw her own husband!
My darling!
My advice: unless you're betrothed,
don't ever kiss!
- Getting well?
- Oh, thank you, Kostya!
-You gave the whole world back to me!
- Oh, you're welcome!
Girls, please meet each other.
Kostya told me a lot about you.
- Oh yeah, he is a talkative guy.
- My every word is a second thought!
- Lev Evghenievich.
- Oh yes.
- Khobotov.
- Margarita.
- What?!
- Rita.
Lev Evghenievich, we didn't come
alone. We have an escort.
- There is Savransky over there.
- Let him join us!
He can't leave his wheeled 'friend'.
Savransky, don't go away,
you may come in useful today!
Wow, what people come by!
'I told my date: let's meet again,
Because I love your pretty face.
'She gave a smile, and even blushed
and said: Oh yes, yes, yes!..'
Hi, everybody!
How are you? It's me!
- Is it all right that I came now?
- Of course!
It's for you.
You emanate triumph. Who you took
prisoner at your Austerlitz?
- Svetlana came to my concert.
- Don't make the same mistake.
Never teach fish to swim!
'Next day I shaved, put on a tie,
The dandy one with a polka dot.
'I bought three asters
And turned my step to our spot...'
It's a shame you don't burr.
It would make you more charming.
- I can do without it.
- And you should change your name.
Mr. Velyurov... Velour is fabric...
Make it Mr. Valour.
I like 'my' name!..
'And so we came: me - to the drugstore
Me - in cafe, in any case!
'Let's meet again then.
Same time, same place...'
I was never at the hospital: I was
at a spa. It was no picnic either.
The worst thing there were old women.
A discouraging spectacle!
- What were you doing there?
- They were probing me...
- Looked for you, babe.
- And me too.
- I was mad!
- I began to cry!
- You didn't come!
- Where were you?
- So I left!
- And so did I!
'And so we came:
' - Me - to the drugstore.
Me - in cafe, in any case!
'Let's meet again then.
Same time,
'Same place!..'
Lev! I am so glad!
Thank you.
- I'm so glad to see you!
- Me too.
Yes, I am glad to see you,
Arkady, though...
It hurts me to think
that you took part
in that act of violence...
I... I just wanted to help you.
Yeah, they literally
dragged you here.
Please don't. Let us
not speak about sad things.
Lev Evghenievich,
I learned that polka dance!
Mon papa ne veut pas...
Kostya, join in!
'When he watched my polka dance...
- Mon papa ne veut pas.
- When he watched my polka dance.
- Mon papa ne veut pas.
- Que je danse, que je danse.
- Mon papa ne veut pas.
- Que je danse la polka.
Rita, join in!..
I feel so bashful in her presence:
I even lose my tongue.
- Ah, my father looked askance.
- When he watched my polka dance.
- And my father looked askance.
- When he watched my polka dance!
- I'd better leave.
- No, you mustn't.
Girls, let's hide and watch
how the events unfold!
Lev Evghenievich, it's time
to make your choice!
You must fight for your rights
of a man and a human!
You look better today.
Hi, Arkady, you look magnificent.
- More life in your gaze.
- I feel I am all right.
Thanks God.
- How is your new apartment?
- It's all too good to be true.
It's so spacious! You can
swing a cat there!
There is some work to be done,
of course: the floors and so on.
Every morning I take my drill and...
Lev will like it there.
- Never mind that.
- But you will be living there!
Are you starting again?
Покровские ворота Покровские ворота

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