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Покровские ворота

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Took off his hat, and said at last
Most gallantly: "Thank you..."'
What have you done?..
- What have I done!..
- Lev, don't be so pathetic.
It was like some hypnosis.
It's unbelievable!
With my own hands...
to give away happiness, hope...
To reject one's own
renaissance in life...
And all this, for fear
of some specters!
You behave like a child
left without his sweets.
- Release me!
- You psycho.
- I love her!
- Nonsense! Self-hypnosis!
- I love her!
- You, sexual maniac!
Savva, take a look at this baboon!
Hold on, Lev.
All my life I was thinking
with your head.
Now I want to be allowed
to decide for myself!
- It's so banal, Khobotov.
- So what!
lndependent intellects
never shunned banality!
- It's not about you!
- Yes, right you are!
With you out of my way I could
have become a Dostoevsky!
A Schopenhauer!
But instead I became a petty
scribbler, a walking volume!
All my life dawdling over
other people's prefaces!
Without me you would have become
everybody's punching bag!
A scapegoat!
So what! But I would
have lived! Yes!
Lev, zip your lip!
All my life constraining myself,
fearing fools and scoundrels!
Half-living, half-working,
knowing neither ups, nor downs.
Do you call this life?
- You ungrateful epileptic!
- I'm getting married!
They don't registrate nut cases!
You'll live and see!
I feel bad. I've a stitch in my side.
My head is spinning...
- Well, we must act!
- What are you going to do?
I'm calling Doctor Vera!
- I voice my protest!
- Don't panic.
- Speaking!
- It's me, Margarita!
- I don't have any pain!
- You will!
- Alice!
- Why are you shouting like that!
Alice, they're going to butcher me!
You're kidding!
I'm bringing Khobotov now.
His appendix acts funny.
What the heck! We should amputate it,
to avoid peritonitis!
- A progressive attitude!
- You heard it?
You're quite right, we should
do away with this useless tube!
- It's cruel!
- Hold on, Lev.
Arkady, go and hail a taxi.
Khobotov is going to the hospital!
- What's the matter?
- It's a life-or-death matter!
- Or you're not in shape again?
- You needn't remind me!
Lev, get dressed! Savva,
get his toothbrush!
Hey! Stop!
- I'm not going anywhere!
- Don't offer resistance!
- It's violence!
- Don't let me down!
A D.Sc. is waiting for us
in the emergency room!
I'm coming!
I got it! I was nearly
run down by an ambulance!
No, I'm not going anywhere.
Please. Hey, give me a hand.
My temperature is all right.
The better for you. The operation
will go off smoothly.
Though you must admit your state
is far from being cool.
It's some nightmare...
'So here I am, before all of ye,
A serious and funny guy.
'I make no bones of telling ye:
Who, how & what & when & why...
'Hey, stop the war, keep saying we.
Thus humor is a remedy...
'So on this warm and summer day
A monologue I'd like to say...
'All nature is green and blue
And so bright - Look!
'The spring creeks are purling
And sing every day.
'All life is like river
Goes on by the Spring Book.
'Love enters your heart,
You can't send it away.
'Don't send it away...
'Love keeping you warm,
It will not let you go.
'A nightingale giving
a poignant key.
'Love's company - sadness,
It keeps you sad. So
'It's better to love
Than feel melancholy...'
Lyudochka! Lyudochka!
I knew it, I believed
that you would come!
- Please, eat some.
- I'm not hungry.
- The pajama looks baggy on you...
- It's just too big for me.
Lyudochka, when they...
...when they brought me after
the operation, they dropped me!
I just knew it!
Lyudochka, I suffered a lot!
I was lying on that table,
naked and helpless...
They could do to me
whatever they wanted.
- Hi.
- Hi.
They'd never do anything wrong.
- Why are you so sure?
- 'cause I'm a medical worker myself.
I've been here for a week,
but you wouldn't come...
- But I didn't know!
- Yes, of course...
- It's all my fault.
- If it were not for Kostya...
Покровские ворота Покровские ворота

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