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Покровские ворота

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for you.
After your escapade on the wedding
day, it became clear that
your complexity becomes you
as a pince-nez becomes Mr. Soev.
- I have apologized, haven't I?
- Everyone rose to the occasion.
And only you proved to be
everybody's antagonist.
Judge not that you be not judged!
Savransky nearly ran into a dump
truck when he learned about this!
Yes? Rita! I'm coming!
Think about your behavior and
send a wire to Sveta. She's waiting.
- Hey, chick, wait!..
- What a beauty!
'I love you, though I fret and frown,
God, what a helpless enterprise!
'And what a folly! How unwise!
But at your feet I'm kneeling down.'
We're going now to my parents.
You must make a favorable
impression on them.
I shall try my best...
'I'm bored without you, I yawn,
With you I feel melancholy.
'To tell you only this I long:
My angel, oh, how I love thee!
'You cast a smile - oh radiance!
Away you go - my life ends.
'Alina, can I entertain
A hope, the sinner as I am,
'For all transgressions and the pain,
Dost love you, angel, such a man?
'Just feign you love, put on a mask,
Play with your mimicry a game.
'A hope's a lie - but all the same.
Illusion - just for this I ask...'
You will present this perfume,
'The Beau of Moscow' - to my mom.
And here we are.
This is a critical situation!
Now the right forward has the ball.
He runs it and sends it right
into the center! Now! A goal!
A goal! Play, Yasha, play. A goal!
- Savelyich?
- What?
- What is the score?
- 3:2.
Savransky, it's 3:2.
Ladies, it's 3:2.
The stands are crowded today.
Another attack! They send a ball!
This duet of our forwards today
is just something!
We can expect any kind
of surprises from them...
Lev Evghenievich.
- Good afternoon.
- Hi.
- How are you feeling today?
- Fine.
I would like you to go with us
and have a look at our apartment.
- Today I can't.
- It's such a shame.
- But it concerns you too.
- In what way?
You're moving in with us.
Why? I have my own room here.
The room can wait, and it would be
better if you live with us.
Until you get married, of course.
Excuse me, but it's nonsense!
I talked with Savva,
he backs up my idea.
Savva! What does this all mean?
You'll be just within our reach,
it would be more expedient.
And you will need your room
when a woman shows up that
could inspire my confidence.
Margarita, Savva, please
meet my future wife.
Khobotov... It's not serious.
- I beg your pardon!
- I would better leave...
We shall leave together now!
You're not being decent
towards this girl.
I'm not decent?
I'm not decent?
So why say such a thing!
Being a complete egoist,
you want this girl to bear
the unbearable burden!
Dear, do you want all your life
go wrong,
turn into chaos,
with things vanishing: bills,
money, stockings, neckties...
With all electrical appliances
blowing up,
taking fire, breaking down!
With your life going
back to the lce Age,
but with no skins to make you warm,
because he won't get you no skins!
Stop it! It's all true,
I must live alone.
Believe me, dear, I'm not
prejudiced against him.
He is a flamboyant personality,
and women are attracted to him.
But I wouldn't mention here his
abnormal attraction to them.
He sends a sparkle seeing
every other woman living!
My whole life was
poisoned by the worst
and, alas, not unfounded suspicions!
Did he read verse to you,
spin the mist of citations?
Stop it! I said, it's all true!
So, this precious
thing here is mine!
He is my cross! And I will bear it!
You will meet another man:
more 'fresh', and more well-knit.
- But...
- No, Savva! She's right.
Forgive me, Lyudochka.
And farewell.
You... you're renouncing me?
I have to.
I will ruin your life.
It's all over.
It's all over...
It's all over.
Take it.
For the first time ever you
behaved like a grown-up person.
- Maybe.
- You'll be grateful to me for this.
'The murderer his dagger thrust,
'And, dying, poor De la Rue
Покровские ворота Покровские ворота

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