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Покровские ворота

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office, with that sinful mouth of hers!
Excuse me, I can't proceed
back-talking like this!
- May you and Savva be happy.
- You must be back home at 3 p.m.
Darling, you're so excited!
This is a once-in-a-lifetime day!
May I remind you,
I was married before.
When you read all these books,
a truth will open up before you:
I don't know really.
I am so sudden,
so illogical...
Kostya! The taxi is here!
Margarita, Savva! Your wedding
'carriage' is at the doors!
- But where is your veil?
- Stop it, Kostya!
- Savva, you're magnificent!
- Well...
- And where is Arkady?
- Arkady, it's time to go!
Arkady Varlamovich.
- What does that mean?
- I'm just reclining.
- You must be crazy!
- I'm not feeling well.
- This is outrageous!
- Have you no sense of duty?
I have. But I can't.
- Arkady Varlamovich!
- No!
He can't stand witness: he'll turn
the wedding prayer into a farce!
- We're being late. What do we do?
- We need another witness.
Lev, Arkady is out of order.
You'll stand witness.
- But I can't!
- No way out. Hold on.
- Hold on, Levushka.
- Let Alice do this for you.
My dear friend, I'm cooking! I'm
the chef of the wedding table!
- Lev, help us out!
- We'll tell you what to do.
I'm having a date! We're going
to watch the frescoes!
- You must offer this sacrifice.
- We'll go in a taxi.
You're a knight without fear
and without reproach!
- We'll go in a taxi!
- Some Stone Age!
God's speed to you!..
It'll take just a moment, Lev.
Setzen Sie bitte.
- It's outrageous!
- Lev, don't be detrimental.
Hush, you shameless type!
Lev, everything will be all right.
What frescoes was he talking about?
Lev Evghenievich was going to visit
the Novodevichy Monastery.
It's crazy!
There's a fine touch: you getting
married, he going to the monastery!
Lev Evghenievich, look
who is sitting at the table...
- Poor thing, waiting for me there.
- Jesus, here you go again...
Savva, just take
a look at this girl.
- She is pretty!
- No, she is magnificent!
Savva Ignatievich is on quite
different business here.
Oh yes, I beg your pardon.
Excuse me, do you haunt the skating
rink at the Clear Pond?
- Not too often, but I do.
- I saw you there, for sure.
- Kostya, for God's sake...
- One moment, Lev Evghenievich.
What do you feel for those going
through the wedding ceremony:
Resentment, sympathy, or maybe -
the motherly love?
When you're going to get married,
I'll tell you. Are you a reporter?
I'm a historian, but modern days
arouse my quick interest.
- What is your name?
- Rita.
- What?
- Margarita.
- You are the would-be husband?
- No, but I'm the potential one.
- So, it's you then?
- No, it's not me.
- Aren't you getting married?
- It's quite the other way round.
Savva, Ignatievich, will you
please step forward.
Ein Moment.
Margarita, do you take this man
Savva to be your husband?
Savva, do you take this woman
Margarita to be your wife?
As a token of love and faithfulness -
exchange your rings.
Now kiss each other.
And put your signatures
here and here.
- Now - the witnesses.
- Excuse me, I'm in a hurry.
Witness, are you a relative
of this newlywed woman?
Alas, from this moment on -
I am not, anymore.
Khobotov, I appreciated everything.
Your turn.
- You and me.
- What?
I mean, gimme your pen.
Konstantin Romin:
don't forget my name.
- I shall try to.
- Be sure and do this.
Konstantin in the ancient
language means 'constant'.
- Can I go now?
- Witness, have some patience.
Margarita Pavlovna and
Savva Ignatievich:
I pronounce you man and wife.
And my congratulations.
My congratulations.
Now the music, please...
'They're angels of love,
Tender sentinels: their beat
'Is Pokrovsky Gates
and Neglinka Street.
'All the length of Arbat
They're treading along:
'Their shift is only life-long...
'Oh how sweet their numerous
Покровские ворота Покровские ворота

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