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my boy.
We all were born in sin.
Help me, Tornike.
The sun is rising! The sun!
Don't be afraid, Grandpa. It's dark
in here, you can't see anything.
There, a ray! Do you see it?
What does it want from me?
Why is it pestering me?
Let's black it out,
or else I'll bleed up.
Why will you bleed up, Grandpa?
Look at my fingers.
Do you see blood trickling down?
When the sun rises,
I start bleeding.
Let's black the light out, quick,
or I'll lose all my blood.
Stop it, Grandpa!
Stop it now and calm down!
Why are you pestering me?
Why are you prying into my soul?
Why all this soul-searching?
I'll have you put out in a moment!
I'll have you extinguished!
You see? I've blacked it out.
It went completely out.
Grandpa is dead!
Mother! Grandpa has died!
Dear Guliko, I'm sorry
I have to leave you.
They say my father was a bad man,
I'm going to dig him up!
Did you know about all this?
About what?
About Grandpa.
Your grandfather did nothing wrong.
That was a very complicated time.
It's difficult to explain it now.
What time has to do with it?
A lot!
The situation was different.
The question was to be or not to be.
We were surrounded by enemies.
They were fighting against us.
You want to say that we were supposed
to pat the enemies on the back?
But Barateli wasn't an enemy.
He was.
He may have been a good artist,
but he didn't understand many things.
I don't mean to say
that we made no mistakes.
But what is the life of one man when
the happiness of millions is at stake?
We were confronted with great tasks.
One should remember this
and be more broad-minded.
You measured human lives
The most important thing was
to keep it in proportion, right?
Spare me your irony, smart guy!
You're old enough to know that
for a public servant, public interests
should always be above personal
Yes, above personal considerations!
Man is born a human being,
he becomes a public figure later.
You have your head up in the clouds,
but reality is different.
Varlam was always guided by
the interests of society.
But sometimes he had to act
against his will.
And if he were ordered to destroy
the world, would he have done it?
You know what?
Your grandfather never killed anyone
with his own hands!
And you did fire at a human being!
What kind of morals you're talking of?
I didn't know who I was firing at.
What difference does it make?
You did fire at a human!
Yes, I did...
And it makes our guilt even worse.
- Whose guilt?
- Grandfather's, mine, and yours.
What do you blame me for?
For justifying grandfather
and for following in his steps.
You're a worse murderer than me,
because you don't pity that woman.
Why should I pity her? Are you out
of your mind?
You'd rather strangle her
than ask her forgiveness.
I couldn't imagine that you were such
an idiot!
She digs up my father from his grave,
and I'm supposed to apologize?
Yes, I will strangle her, and you too,
if you don't come to your senses.
I shall not let her desecrate
the deceased!
I hate you.
I hate you!
No one is without sin...
We all are born in sin...
A young man's psyche is very
the disruption of the daily routine...
Even a grown-up would get depressed
seeing a dead man every day.
He needs rest. This medicine
should be given to him three times
Tornike is a strong boy,
don't fear for him.
A state of shock normally doesn't
last long.
I think tomorrow he will already
come into contact with you.
Of course, the court will pass
some sentence.
But what am I to do?
Keep burying my father every day?
She will get what she deserves.
Come on, they won't give her as much
as a year. She'll get off with a fine.
What do you mean? Pay a fine,
and you're immediately released?
Oh God, the laws we have!
We're being planted a dead man,
and the culprit is not put in jail.
Abel, if I see the dug-up Varlam
once more, I'll go mad.
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