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is here.
Any news about our men?
Yes, I see. All right.
Everything will be the way we want it
to be.
Of course, the arrest of Sandro and
Mikhail is a mistake.
We must summon up patience,
both you and I.
You'll see, Nika will do everything.
They'll look into it and free them.
You must be strong, Nino.
Don't forget that you have Keti.
You're responsible for her.
I'm sure it will end well,
everything will be all right.
They're bound to find the truth
and set Sandro free.
I'm sure of it!
Nino, I'm thinking now
of your girl.
Keti must become a good citizen
and an honorable woman.
Your misfortune must not
lead her astray.
Don't forget
that we're serving a great cause.
The future generations
will be proud of us.
But since the scale of events is so
grand, big mistakes are inevitable.
It may even happen that
innocent people are victimized.
But I can already hear our favorite
Ode to Joy by Beethoven
which will surely sound all over
the world very soon.
What happened, mommy?
We have lost our father...
They have blown up the church.
What's the use of knocking? There is
no one there. Yelena was arrested.
Don't you see that the apartment
is sealed up?
Yes, I got it.
I see.
I've brought them, esteemed Varlam.
Yes, certainly.
Yes... Goodbye.
Whom have you brought?
Those Darbaisseli.
I've carried out your directive.
Which Darbaisseli?
That you instructed me to bring.
I instructed you? Are you crazy?
Esteemed Varlam,
you told me to find
and bring everyone by the name
Where are they?
In a truck.
Let them go home at once.
I thought you'd thank me.
I brought you a truck full of enemies.
And you, instead of gratitude...
For tracking down just one spy,
Rictafelov got a flat and a raise.
Why are some people so lucky?!
Do as I say.
Or you'll get behind the bars
instead of them.
Let them go home now!
Esteemed Varlam!
Have I done all that work in vain?
I've been chasing these damn people
for a month, I got them all together.
Let's lock them up in a cellar,
they may come in handy tomorrow.
Go apologize to these people,
and set them free.
Then come back, sit at that table
and write...
At that table?
And write your resignation.
But you know that I'm illiterate.
Get out!
Don't let Doksopulo leave.
And you come in here.
Can you explain what it all means?
Doksopulo dear, please, go in.
All right, the hell with you and with
them! Arrest them all.
Thank you, esteemed Varlam!
Don't be afraid
and listen carefully.
Tonight they will come for you.
Here's some money and train tickets.
Hurry up, you may still manage
to save yourselves.
Mommy, who was that woman?
Keti, get ready, quick.
We have to leave!
- Where are we going?
- To the country.
To the country?
Yes, to the country. Hurry!
- Will we be back soon?
- Yes.
Peace onto this house.
Are you Nino Barateli?
Keep your hands off! Let her go!
Mommy! Mommy!
Keti, don't be afraid!
Nino Barateli bid farewell
to her past.
That's the end of my story.
On behalf of everyone
who was unjustly punished,
I demand
that Varlam Aravidze
be dug up from his grave
by his own relatives.
I protest!
All you've heard here
is a lie and slander!
Prove that it's a slander!
You mean that the deceased should
not be buried?
No, you must not bury him!
Let the carrion crows tear him
to pieces!
Burying him
means forgiving him,
shutting our eyes to everything
he had perpetrated.
I publicly declare once again:
If you don't dig him up,
I will get him,
I will not leave him in peace!
She's crazy, ladies and gentlemen,
she's absolutely crazy!
She doesn't deserve a trial. She's
insane, she can do anything, bitch!
Leave the court immediately!
Leave it? And you sit here, gaping
and listening to that fool!
We haven't come here from the moon,
either. We're not idiots!
Any questions to the defendant?
Then this court is adjourned
for today.
No one is without sin,

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