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Lovely Nino.
Will you include me in the list
of your admirers?
- What is it?
- I saw an awful dream, Sandro.
Let's leave this town,
let's go to some faraway place.
As far from here as possible.
If they want to,
they'll find us wherever we are.
Oh God! That was exactly my dream!
What are we going to do?
Nino, you remind me of the hare
that is running like mad.
Where are you running?  he's asked.
They're hunting the wolves, he says.
What do you have to do with it? 
Lf they catch me, I'll never prove
I'm not a wolf.
My little wimp!
Sandro, that's them. Sandro...
I'm sure that's them!
Peace onto this house.
Are you Sandro Barateli?
You'll have to come with us.
As you wish.
Hello, esteemed Mikhail.
On what grounds did you arrest
Sandro Barateli yesterday?
What is this?
Read it.
The daub of some so-called painters
has lately taken on
the characteristics of individualism.
That conceited hooligan of an artist...
He is connected to anarchist poets.
The other day, in a circle of his
fellow artists he publicly threatened
to cut off, with his grandfather's
dagger, the arm of anyone
who would dare to even touch
the Church of the Mother of God.
We wonder
who is patronizing
this maniac by organizing
his personal exhibitions?
The art of anarchist Barateli
is a disgrace to our culture.
It is dangerous for our society.
If you don't deal with
this shady character,
we will appeal to the appropriate
A group of artists.
And this letter was the reason
for Barateli's arrest?
I'm asking you.
You arrested him because of that
rubbish, that filth?
The nation's real enemies are those
who wrote this.
They simply ran amok.
It's outrageous!
Barateli is my friend.
Moreover, he is my pupil,
and I'm proud of him.
You mean to say that my friend...
and my pupil is an enemy?
I understand, but this is not
an argument for the letter's authors.
Maybe the artist's talent isn't
a strong argument for them either?
They have in mind his stand.
What are you talking about? Talent is
kindness, and that's already a stand!
I understand that Sandro Barateli
is your friend and pupil.
By the way, do you know
that he's my relative?
No... I didn't know that.
Even a close relative.
Write a protest,
esteemed Mikhail.
Barateli is arrested, but he's not
I was just executing the people's will,
masses stand behind that letter.
And each word coming from the masses
is the holy of holies for me.
Write a protest,
esteemed Mikhail.
To write a protest?
Yes, I have nothing against it.
Wait, wait... What do you mean,
nothing against it?
What can you possibly have against
the truth?
The truth? Nothing.
Well, I'll write it!
Go ahead, write it. But take
that letter into account, too.
What does that letter, that filth
have to do with it?
That provocation?!
Not a provocation, but a document
registered in thousands of places.
- I don't care where it's registered.
- You're wrong, esteemed Mikhail.
It's my duty to take the position of
the majority, for the majority decides.
What majority?
What are you talking about?
One man of reason outweighs
a thousand idiots.
I understand that you're talking
about me.
Stand up for him. Defending one
person is not such a big deal.
But remember, as the letter's authors
see it, you're protecting the enemy.
Yes, your friend and my relative
is our enemy now.
And we are his victims.
Who is the enemy?
Who is the enemy?!
Children go ahead of the line,
children ahead of the line.
Let us through, let us through.
Children ahead of the line!
- Baakashvili.
- Your document.
The parcel is accepted.
Koreli, Elizbar.
Exiled without right of correspondence.
Where was he exiled to? Where?
To what place?
You'd better tell me he is not alive,
that he's dead.
Stop torturing us!
Say that he's dead...
The parcel is accepted.
Exiled without right of correspondence.
My dear, you can't go

- III:

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