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Any of your works can do credit
to the world's finest museums.
Excuse me, Nino.
That's the kind of painting we need:
Serious, thoughtful, profound.
Dear Sandro!
Is it really impossible
that our contemporaries would have
such spiritually inspired faces,
instead of the stereotyped, soulless
physiognomies, all looking alike?
Why can't we paint
a toiling woman as a Madonna?
What could be more beautiful than
a working person? Nothing!
Although you'll have a lot of
antagonists, isn't it so, Yelena?
Of course, it's absolutely true.
They will say:
What do we need this art for?
This is just chamber art,
fit for a boudoir.
In fact, it's escapism.
And I would say to them:
Sometimes escapism
means plunging
into the greater reality.
Our people need
the great reality.
Though, do you know how
our enemies may interpret it?
As a call to anarchy.
Yes, yes, to all-out anarchy.
And who is this?
Very good, Sandro, very good!
And here's our Nino.
Splendid work!
It would be interesting to look into
their brains. What's going on there?
Dear Sandro,
at least they're literate.
And what ignoramuses I have to deal
with in my line of duty!
- Isn't that true, dear Yelena?
- Absolutely true.
Today we need to have beside us
the artists exactly like you.
You have a great mission.
We must enlighten the people,
elevate their cultural level.
Dear Varlam!
Do you think that I, with my paintings,
or you, by your efforts,
can enlighten the people that had
created The Knight in a Tiger's Skin?
The people can be enlightened
only by a spiritual pastor.
A moral hero.
Modesty is a virtue.
You're right, Sandro,
I'm not a spiritual pastor.
But have a little patience,
do not hasten us.
Give us some time.
A hero is born by his time.
Perhaps the time of trial will come
soon, both for you and me.
What was Christ tortured for?
He was tortured for the truth.
Don't be afraid, Christ isn't dead.
He rose from the dead and flew to
the sky, like a bird. He's in the sky.
There're only kind people there.
Evil people cannot get there.
- Why not?
- The evil ones are heavy.
- Why are they heavy?
- You don't know? Because of sins.
And a kind person's soul is pure and
light as a bird, it can easily fly.
- How do you know it?
- My mother told me.
You know, this is a miracle-working
If you ask it for something before
going to sleep or during the new moon,
everything will come true.
- Everything?
- Yes, everything.
Really? Everything will come true?
Can it revive my mother?
You have no mother?
Your mother loves you.
She's alive, she's in Heaven, with
angels, and she's looking at you.
She's thinking about you.
- Nino, come here for a minute!
- Coming!
We have to go,
it's time for the child to go to bed.
I'm going to ask your dad to let you
stay here for a while.
Uncle Varlam, may Abel
stay for a minute?
- For a minute, he may.
- Thank you.
But only for one minute.
Esteemed Varlam, will you sing again?
Sing something else, please.
Don't refuse, please, dear Varlam!
With great pleasure.
Tired with all these,
for restful death I cry,
As, to behold desert a beggar born,
And needy nothing trimmed in jollity,
And purest faith unhappily forsworn,
And gilded honor shamefully misplaced,
And maiden virtue rudely trumpeted,
And right perfection wrongfully
And strength by limping sway disabled,
And art made tongue-tied by authority,
And folly, doctor-like, controlling
And simple truth miscalled simplicity,
And captive good attending captain
William Shakespeare. Sonnet 66.
A regimen is a regimen.
Abel, allez-hop!
I'll come to see you again.
Mommy, he galloped off!
A comedian. A clown.
Excuse me, Nino, it's me again.
My silly boy took your crucifix.
He says Keti gave it to him.
He believes this thing will revive
his mommy. I'm glad I noticed it.
Take care of it, this is a very
valuable thing.

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