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the whole
town will blow up.
What did you say?
I'm destroying this document
in your presence.
You can go.
- What else can I do for you?
- That's all, thank you.
Then let's clarify
some biographical details.
The biographies of esteemed Miriam
and esteemed Mosse,
those representatives of blue blood,
are well known to me.
As for esteemed Sandro,
I'm interested in just one fact.
Dear Sandro!
Have you ever heard of
a Tarasi Taraskaneli?
Of course, I have. Tarasi Taraskaneli
is my great-great-grandfather.
It turns out we have a common
I'm also a descendant of
Tarasi Taraskaneli.
- In what way?
- Yes, yes, I am.
But we'll talk about it later.
Now you'd better tell me this.
You live on the town square in
a two-story house, don't you?
During the ceremony a girl was
blowing soap-bubbles from the window.
Was that your apartment?
I see everything, I notice everything.
So beware of me,
be careful.
Though, this is no time for joking.
As a matter of fact, this is life.
Some blow soap-bubbles, others
prosecute the enemies of the people.
You artists
are burning with creativity.
Paupers are begging, murderers are
killing, whores, pardon, are whoring.
But is that normal?
Is that normal?!
This is how it used to be,
but it will never be this way again.
We'll turn our town into Paradise!
With your help, my dear people,
with your assistance.
The audience is over.
Perhaps Aravidze
doesn't know about it?
Why did they arrest those old people,
can you explain it?
Some spies!
They're not guilty of anything.
Of course, it's because of the church.
Calm down.
That's his revenge for having to tear
his directive.
I'll go to him, he must set the old
people free immediately,
or let him arrest me, too!
Calm down, dear Sandro.
What do you have to do with it?
I took them to Aravidze, I'm to blame
for their arrest, it's the church...
- It's not because of the church.
- Why, then?
- I don't know.
- You don't know?
Sandro, you must calm down.
I promise you, I'll do my best.
Varlam will look into it
and report to me.
What is there to look into? What?
It's not fair, Sandro.
What do you want from Aravidze?
He wasn't here...
Stop your ravings.
Go home and let me deal with it...
Yes, Varlam.
Varlam, we should use discretion
in such matters.
No. Yes. Of course.
Thank you. Goodbye.
You're a strange man, Sandro.
A real crank.
Varlam looked into it
and set them free.
What do you say now?
I don't know if Sandro Barateli can
be compared to the great Botticelli,
but I know that Nino Barateli looks
like Botticelli's heavenly Madonnas.
I hope I didn't scare you,
lovely Nino?
One kisses hands
of common mortals,
as for goddesses and saints,
one ought to bow down to them.
Dear Nino,
I've heard so much about you,
about the artist Sandro Barateli
and his beautiful wife.
I have dreamed of meeting you
and seeing your pictures.
But Mikhail and Yelena
kept me waiting...
That's slander, esteemed Varlam.
It's you who is constantly busy,
especially lately.
Dear Sandro, I'd like to apologize
for my zealous assistants.
I'm glad you so timely stood up
for the unfairly punished old people.
- How long had they been there?
- For 24 hours.
- Poor things must have been scared?
- Not much, they're not easily scared.
Well, they're the old guard, right?
Esteemed Mosse, beautiful Miriam.
And this is the most important member
of the family, Keti Barateli.
Dear Keti!
Dear Keti, please!
Thank you.
Keti, take Abel
to your room to play.
Sandro has already met
our esteemed Kaiosro Doksopulo.
As for Geno Rictafelov...
his name sounds like rictafela,
a children's game of tagging.
It's a piece of wood
to tap a stick with.
Anyway, both of my companions
are first-rate singers.
That's a talent, too,
my dear hostess.
Forgive us for being a little tipsy,
we talk too much, we sing,
we even stumble a bit.
We won't bother you for long.
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