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a modern scientist.
This was his testament:
The fate of a modern scientist
is tragic.
His inspiration leads him to clarity
and inner independence.
By almost superhuman efforts
he had forged a weapon
of his own social enslavement
and destruction of his personality.
The situation even reached a point
where the political authorities
had muzzled him.
Has the time really passed
when the scientist's intellectual
freedom and independent research
could enlighten
and enrich people's lives?
Has he forgotten, in his blind
quest for the scientific truth,
about his moral responsibility before
humanity and about his honor?
Our world is under threat of a crisis
the scope of which seems not to be
realized by those in authority...
The released power of the atom changed
everything but our way of thinking,
and thus we keep sliding down to
a catastrophe never seen heretofore.
For the mankind to survive, we have
to learn to think in a new way.
The most difficult task of our time
is to avert this threat.
At this decisive moment,
I'll be appealing to you
with all my feeble capacity.
Our program The world's great
thinkers: Albert Einstein is over.
Now listen to a concert of light
The vibration has damaged
not only the frescos.
There are cracks
in the walls of the church.
If it goes on this way,
the church will collapse.
By the way,
the church stands on piles.
We ask you to immediately stop
laboratory experiments in the church
and put up as soon as possible
a new building
for the research institute.
You mean to say that you're against
science and progress?
We're against the science that
destroys ancient monuments.
Esteemed Varlam!
Only you, as the town's mayor,
can save that church.
We count on your help.
Doksopulo, what was that church
directive about?
It's about a dilapidated church.
- Who says it's dilapidated?
- It's almost ruined.
Almost. You hear that? Almost!
The building is almost ruined,
it's the nidus of infection.
There're snakes and lizards
breeding in its foundation.
No one attends your church anymore.
Long past are the times when people
were being told that God created man.
The fact that we all had descended
from a monkey was concealed.
That's why it's been decided to pull
the church down and on that place...
Wait, Doksopulo!
Esteemed Doksopulo!
The Church of the Mother of God
is one of the greatest monuments
of early Christianity.
A cultural monument!
Demolishing it means
cutting off the life-giving roots
that nourish and spiritually
enrich our people.
Then throw into fire
the works of Rustaveli and Dante!
Stop playing
Bach, Beethoven, Verdi!
Let's demolish the St. Peter Church,
Notre Dame, Svetitskhoveli...
Esteemed Varlam!
Our church used to have
some unique relics.
Through centuries our ancestors had
protected them up to this day.
But they've been lost without a trace.
Now the building is collapsing.
But we...
Doksopulo, give me the text of
my directive on the laboratory.
Look what's written here:
I deem appropriate the construction
of a new building of the laboratory.
However, in view of lack of funds, we
should temporarily abstain from it.
You see, we're concerned, too.
But it seems we can't put it off any
longer, you have convinced me.
Do you have a mother?
- How old is she?
- Very old.
Aren't you supposed
to take care of her?
The same goes for that church,
the monument of the 6th century,
our pride and our history.
A son should never leave his sick
mother without care.
Remember it well.
We should be grateful
to these noble people
for opening up our eyes,
for telling us the truth.
I give you my word that I won't spare
any effort to solve this problem.
And the experiments, as far as I know,
are conducted at a minimal capacity.
It will go on this way
until the new building is erected.
If the high voltage installations
work at a full capacity,
not only the church, but

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