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opinion of the jury?
I think so, too.
It's the court's unanimous decision
that this session be adjourned.
esteemed members of the court
and esteemed public.
I'll dig him up anyway.
Evening, spring, and shadows clumping,
On the branch a bird is jumping.
May a new dream me enfold.
Moon has waned Earth to behold.
I'm Tornike Aravidze,
Varlam Aravidze's grandson.
What do you want?
I came... I came
to ask your forgiveness.
I'm not the God
to give absolution.
I fired at you.
I'm a murderer.
Oh God, what a fateful star
I was born under,
if I have made even you,
an innocent boy, a murderer?
Evening, spring, and shadows clumping,
On the branch a bird is jumping.
Are you making fun of me?
I'm crazy, don't you know it?
I'm really crazy.
Tomorrow they'll come,
take me by my arms
and drag me to a lunatic asylum.
A lunatic asylum?
Father, what have you done?
What does it all mean?
What are you accusing me of?
The court decided she's crazy
and ordered to put her in an asylum.
I didn't ask them to.
She's not crazy, no!
And she's not guilty.
The hell she isn't!
For how long will you continue
to live by lies?
Because of that slut, you want me
to dig up grandfather from his grave?
Yes! It's all disgusting!
I can't bear any more lies!
- Calm down, Tornike.
- Leave me alone!
Don't you feel ashamed of yourself?
For the sake of your own well-being
you're ready to cut anyone's throat,
declare an innocent person a criminal,
a normal one crazy!
Is there anything sacred for you?!
Doesn't your conscience bother you?
Do you know why grandfather
hid in the bunker?
- Shut up, little viper!
- Because he was ashamed!
- Stop it, Tornike!
- Leave me alone!
I hate you, I hate you all!
This is not a home, it's a grave!
Shut up, you shit!
You're not a man any longer.
Tornike, open the door now!
Do you hear me?
Tornike, open the door,
I said!
Tornike, open the door.
Open up.
To my dear grandson from
grandfather Varlam
May your name be cursed...
as your life and deeds, Abel Aravidze!
What have you done!
May your blood...
turn to water...
and your bread...
to dust!
May your flesh...
burn in Hell's fire...
and not be honored...
like your father...
with an earthly burial!
Why were you born...
devil incarnate...
Abel Aravidze?
And why was your father born?
And your son?
It's grown so dark, it's pitch dark!
Oh God, all this is so senseless!
Having fulfilled his duty, he passed
away, a loyal son to his Motherland,
an exemplary citizen
and an irreproachable man.
May his blessed memory
live forever
in the hearts
of his friends and comrades.
So you knew Aravidze well?
He was fifteen years older than me.
He would have been 78 now.
He had lived a big,
eventful life.
He was a good man, a great man!
But people say that his sins
gave him no peace.
Not at all, my dear!
People talk such rubbish.
There was no other man in the world
as pure and sympathetic as he.
His only concern was
how to be useful to people.
Excuse me, does this street
lead to a church?
I want to know whether this street
leads to a church.
No, this is Varlam Street,
and it doesn't lead to a church.
Then what do you need it for?
Why have a road
that doesn't lead to a church?
and others
The End


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