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I'm sure I will!
Listen, old chap.
I'll send my boys after her
and she'll become as meek as a lamb.
No, it won't work.
Worse luck for her, I'll stick her
like a pig right on Varlam's grave.
Come on, cut it out...
Abel, there's a limit to everything,
you have to make up your mind.
Don't you understand
that I'm losing my son!
He almost went crazy when his grand-
father died, and now another murder?
Don't use our son as an excuse.
My boy is not a coward.
He was the first to attack
that slut with a rifle!
I understand you, Abel,
you're protecting your son.
But one day he will ask you
why you did nothing at all
when his grandfather was dug up from
the grave.
If you make a mistake now, he'll never
forgive you.
Shall we try to settle it with her
once more?
Out of the question. She went wild
when she heard about the money.
It looks like she's really
out of her mind.
Tell me, please,
has her head been checked?
Yes, she's all right.
The doctors' conclusion is one thing,
and the facts are another.
You think her behavior
can be considered normal?
She's taken all kind of vengeance:
She desecrated poor Varlam,
she disgraced you in the eyes of
the entire town.
What else does she want?
It's obvious she's reached her goal!
But she keeps saying: I'll dig him up
anyway! She's absolutely crazy!
It makes no difference now.
The expert established
that she's sane.
Wait, wait... What do you mean,
no difference?
If the defendant is mentally ill,
there will be no trial.
She will be sent to a hospital
to be treated... forever...
- Wait, how do we do it?
- It's very simple.
Mr. Dzhui, Abel's lawyer,
will request another examination.
- And who's the chief expert?
- Dorofey.
Did you hear it, Abel? Our Dorofey.
How come we didn't think of it before?
No one could imagine it would go
so far.
Your Honor, esteemed Prosecutor,
our esteemed public!
Be patient, we haven't started
our work yet.
That's why I ask for your attention!
This trial cannot go on.
The defendant is ill.
The medical experts' report
is on file.
The medical experts' report
is on file. Item No. 76.
It says:
The defendant is not mentally ill.
She is a psychopathic personality
prone to affecting acts.
I ask you a question:
Can such personality develop
a delirious idea?
It certainly can!
Through the trial I've been listening
carefully to what the defendant said.
Some moments
of her unfortunate life story
had moved me to tears.
But the defendant's persistent claims
that even if she's given 100 years
she will dig up the deceased anyway,
the strange categoricalness
of that declaration
go beyond obsessive ideas
and simply turn into delirium.
And delirium is a symptom
of mental disturbance.
Meanwhile, the law forbids to bring
a mentally disturbed person to trial.
It's necessary that our
authoritative doctors and experts
should have their say.
I earnestly request the court
that the defendant be sent to
a hospital for another examination.
Your Honor!
I'm surprised at the superficiality
of my colleague's reasoning.
Can the defendant develop
a delirious idea? 
He poses
an unexpected question.
And he answers it himself:
She certainly can.
He paints the picture of a person
possessed by delirious ideas,
about whom it is written clearly:
She is not mentally ill.
I hope my colleague will excuse me,
but such perfunctory judgment
of the fate of a long-suffering person
is a patent sacrilege.
The severe mental trauma,
the abnormal living conditions
had affected the defendant's health
and, as the psychiatrists say,
deformed her personality.
But her vengeance is not the result
of a decision nurtured for years,
but a temporary insanity, not
psychosis but a reaction of protest!
Your Honor! The members of the jury!
I'm not asking for your leniency,
I plead with you
to take into consideration all
the aforesaid
and, based on this, pass on the
defendant the verdict of 'not

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