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Похитители тел

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I loved.
Our reaction...
...was only human.
Revenge, hate, remorse, despair, pity...
...and, most of all, fear.
I remember feeling all those things
as I watched the bombs explode.
How I hated them.
Army helo-1, this is Atlanta Ground.
You're onscreen with clearance to land.
Runway 2-7, taxiway alpha.
Hover taxi via east-west parallel.
Ground crew standing by
at Army guard ramp.
Roger that, Atlanta.
This is High-Bird 1 1. Two-mile final.
We're coming in.
They get you when you sleep...
...but you can only stay awake so long.
Where will you go?
Where will you run?
Where will you hide?
Because there's no one...
...like you...
Похитители тел

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