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Похитители тел

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Put it down.
Not before I unload a few
into you onion-heads.
Relax, Major. Take it easy.
You disappoint me.
You're a man of medicine.
You're supposed to preserve life,
not take it.
You bastard!
You call what you are "life"?
I know who you are!
- I know who you are!
- Do you?
I know what happens when you bastards
catch somebody sleeping.
Want a few?
Look what your fear has done to you.
Can't you see?
When all things are conformed...
...there'll be no more disputes.
No conflicts.
No more problems.
Abandon yourself and join us.
There are hundreds...
...even thousands of us here.
We've traveled light years
throughout the universe...
...always surviving, growing stronger.
Because we've learned...
...it's the race that's important...
...not the individual.
The individual's always important.
- Only unity guarantees survival.
- So you must join us.
- The human race is doomed.
- Accept it.
It's a better way.
- Stay back!
- It's a matter of survival.
Stay back! Stay back!
I'm warning you to stay back!
...put the gun down.
You'll never get my soul.
"Nobody likes us
"Everybody hates us
"Going to the garden...
"...to get worms
"Long, thin, slimy ones
"...short, fat, juicy ones...
"...itsy-bitsy, fuzzy worms
"First, you bite the head off
"Then you suck the juice out
"Then you throw the rest away"
Everybody okay?
I found us a way out of here.
Dad, they're everywhere!
Where are we going?
I know what I'm doing. Don't worry.
Just don't show any emotion.
They can be fooled.
I know where I'm going.
I know exactly what I'm doing.
Where are you going?
Let go! Let go!
Shit! Shit!
Don't make me hurt you. Just calm down.
What's going on?
Let her go!
Leave her alone!
Shoot him! Shoot him!
- What's happening?
- He's not my father!
It's not him!
Shoot him!
- Just back up. Back up. Put it away.
- Don't listen!
- Shoot him!
- What do you mean?
Stay back.
It's not my dad! He killed my father.
- Put it away.
- It's not my dad!
- They killed my father!
- Just relax...
- Shoot him!
...and put it away.
What are you doing?
Marti, let's go.
Come on, Marti!
There's my chopper.
It's too dangerous, so I'm going alone.
Watch for me. I'll land it over here.
Be ready to make your move
when I touch down.
We'll get out of here.
Ready for that ride I promised you?
All right.
Just act like one of them.
Be careful.
Nobody believed me.
I figured you'd try a bird.
What do you mean?
You know what I mean.
Now we're all the same, Petey.
So what are you running from?
Who's running?
I've got orders.
We're all one happy family now.
What's that?
You're wasting my time, Lieutenant.
They're waiting for light support.
Hey, Timbo...
...just so you know...
...I fucked your girlfriend.
Okay, let him at the bird.
- What are you doing?
- No! Don't!
You're making a mistake!
Wake up!
Wake up!
Try and wake up! Come on!
Camp Perry, Ohio.
West Point, New York.
Fort Knox, Kentucky.
You can do this, Marti.
You're doing fine. Just walk with me.
Fort Monroe, Virginia.
Fort Bliss, Texas.
Where's Andy, Tim?
He's got to be in there.
I didn't see him.
He wasn't in there.
My chopper's right up there.
I'm not leaving without my brother.
We'll get help, then come back for him.
Do what you want,
but I'm not leaving without him.
Didn't I tell you this place
was a freak show?
Where are you going?
We got work to do.
I saw Andy. He's looking for you.
Marti, don't leave me!
Marti, wait, don't go!
Don't leave me here!
Go! Go!
Andy, don't! What are you doing? No!
Get him off me!
Andy, what are you doing?
Throw him out!
Throw him out!
He's not your brother!
Throw him out!
Should we go after them?
Let them go. No one'll believe them.
I'm sorry, Marti.
They said nobody would believe us.
Who could believe such a crazy story?
I could hardly believe it myself.
They had destroyed everyone
Похитители тел Похитители тел

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