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Похищение "Савои"

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Jean Challot.
l'm reporting - l sent a telegram
to your parents.
At 3:10 there'll be a flight to Rio.
l got two tickets.
Probably, they have two more tickets
for this flight?
Even if the flight is booked,
l'll get them for you, ma'am.
Janek, why did you decide
to fire this gun?
- l needed to distract him.
- You reacted really quick.
l got no choice.
He could kill you.
- Mom got scared to dearth.
- And you?
Had no time for this.
l mean l got scared, but later,
when it was already over.
- Can't see anything.
- Right.
- Will we see the jungle?
- To be here and not see the jungle?
As for me, l like woods better.
When dad comes home for vacation,
we go traveling with him.
Last year we canoed down
the Chusovaya.
This is a river in the Urals.
Yes, l know.
l drowned 3 times, you know.
Stop fantasizing.
We just kept it from you.
So that you wouldn't worry.
Enrico, you...
Fly west.
This path is taken.
Be quiet.
Close the door. And don't rush.
You got enough time. Come on!
We won't make it to the Peru border.
We're low on fuel.
You don't know our destination.
l'll tell you where to bring her down.
Here's Center. Calling 627.
Here's Center. Calling 627.
lt's 627, it's 62...
- What's going on there?
- Everything's fine there.
What do you mean 'fine'? The pilot
is flying with a gun to his head!
But you're in no danger here.
You're wrong. l may be late.
And this is not fine with me.
Okay! Zip it up! And don't smoke here!
My buddy can't stand tobacco smoke.
627, are you reading me?
Here's 24 calling 627. Why don't you
What's wrong?
l warned you.
We're almost out of fuel.
We didn't make it.
We have to make an emergency
Really? Where?
Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your
seat belts, please. We're landing.
They're nuts! Where shall we land?
There're jungles and bogs around.
- ls Boss in?
- No, he's out.
What's wrong?
At 5:29 we lost radio contact with
flight #627 and are still not having it.
- Dispatch a chopper to track it down.
- Yes, sir.
- Terrorists?
- Wouldn't count it out.
lf reporters call, l'm not available.
- What are we gonna do?
- Check the baggage for provisions.
Hey, why are you standing there?
Maybe l can help you?
Tanya! Tanya, sweetie! Get up!
Stop it, l said!
- Stop it!
- l'll waste you all like dirty dogs!
Look, they are just kids!
- They're bastards, just like you!
- Watch your tongue!
Shut up or you will get it from me!
Thank you. Thank you very much.
Move your ass, old bag!
Get out of it, immaculate virgins!
Gido, either you take this bitch with you
or l'm not responsible for my actions.
What are you doing?! This is my baggage.
l'm Professor Stanislaw Wezanski.
All this stuff must be safely
delivered to Rio.
l'm head of the UNESCO expedition.
Gido, canned meat!
We must thank UNESCO
and personally you, Professor.
Food and guns will be of big use
to us.
Don't you worry, ladies and gentlemen,
Magnus is very hot-tempered,
but unless you get at him,
he won't hurt even a fly.
You're absolutely safe.
We wantjust the plane.
There's a village nearby. Professor
and you will go with me to get some fuel,
meanwhile the pilots and the rest
of you will take care of a runway.
l'm in charge of this little boy,
and l won't leave him here.
Take the little witch or l'll
waste her!
Cut it, Magnus! This brat
is more than enough for me.
Monsieur Challot, please, take
Tanya with you.
This guy scares me. He can't
control himself.
He's totally insane.
- l won't leave you here.
- Shut up, Tanya. l won't make it.
Please. You'll be better off
without me.
Who knows. But probably
you're right.
After all you won't be long, right?
- What is it?!
- Stop!
lt was really close. You can kill
a buffalo with such an arrow.
lt means there are people
near here.
Some lndian trapper put this trap
to catch a tapir.
Here's a crossbow. This is animals'
Похищение "Савои" Похищение "Савои"

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