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Подставная девушка

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someone's using her as bait.
It's Sada.
Or Seiko.
I don't think I'll need your help for this.
Excuse me. Are you Joji?
Was it you who phoned?
I'm Hiroshi's sister.
Hiroshi likes you very much.
I think he'll do as you say.
Whatever he is, he's still my brother.
Please tell him to straighten himself out.
You're wrong. He follows me on his own.
Then, can I at least see him?
What sort of guy is he?
You have a visitor.
It's nothing like that.
You should have told me.
I gave her the slip.
Why not go home with her?
You asked Joji to do this, right?
I'm so worried about you I can't stand it.
Give up and go straight.
You'll never make it in this racket.
Smart kid! Make it forty.
If Joji sees this, he'll knock you down.
Don't threaten me.
It's odd, he's so concerned about me.
He isn't concerned about you.
He's crazy about your sister.
Tokiko's careless about this.
If I minded such things,
I'd fail in this racket.
Is there anything you like?
Classical music records
are too decent for me.
I don't think so.
You're only forcing yourself
to act this way.
It's the same with
everything you do, right?
Do you like classical music?
Look! Even a dog's listening.
Music's among the better things
God created.
You've suddenly got dull.
No use having him listen to music.
Know me?
Aren't you too dumb lately?
I saw a love scene just now.
Can such an amateur make fun of you?
Have you already heard that?
Senko says he'll knock her down, too.
It's fragile. Please handle it carefully!
Fool! I'll beat you?
I heard something about you today.
Why must you look so serous?
Don't tell me you'll use it.
I might use it.
I've put up with a lot of ugly stuff
to save your honor.
I have something to talk about.
Will you come with me?
Excuse me, what is it?
I'm Joji's friend.
He's kind to me about my brother.
That doesn't mean I'm your friend.
Chances are, we're enemies.
Don't you want to shoot me?
Then I'll shoot you.
How foolish I am!
I hate to say this, but I like you.
Don't tell me you did something stupid?
I can tell why you fell for her.
I've taken to her, too.
I think I'll knit socks for you.
I hope tomorrow's a nice day.
We'll get up early tomorrow.
I've begun to feel like this
since I met her.
I don't want to this, though.
I'm beginning to worry
because you're in this racket.
Think I'll make a mistake?
Think I'm unreliable?
Even if you quit, we can manage
by cutting our expenses.
You'll feed me using that sucker
at your office?
Quit joking and be serious!
I've never mentioned it until now
so you may not understand. But...
I'm not a dependent girl.
I think I can be a woman like Kazuko.
I'll become just as good as her.
It's not like you!
Don't you understand how I feel?
What if I don't?
If you don't like me as I am, leave!
Am I just a delinquent after all?
You comparing me with that girl?
No thanks!
Why are you so quiet?
Are you really sad?
You fought, huh?!
I'll pay for this.
Then, give me ten glasses.
Today you'll come, won't you?
I really want to take care of you.
Do you think I'm qualified for it?
I'm very foolish.
I'm very selfish.
I'm very prodigal.
I can't do any housework.
Aren't you shocked to hear?
I like you because you're so frank.
Will you agree?
I think I'd better go.
I'm back. Shouldn't I have come?
I've been with the boss' son.
He's very rich.
He's manly.
He's honest, too.
I like him!
You jealous!
Get jealous!
Get jealous!
Forget that girl!
I rely entirely on you!
Love me more!
Don't you pity me?
Don't make me a miserable woman.
Hasn't my brother turned up?
I must see him. It's urgent!
I thought maybe he'd come here.
Did he?
I broke with him.
You saw me, didn't you?
You still suspect me? The nerve!
Why don't you tell the police?
Or shall we try where I often go?
She isn't a delinquent.
Speak to her more kindly.
I acted that way to give her up.
Take it easy.
We're punks after
Подставная девушка Подставная девушка

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