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session, however, only Lee.
- Lee?
- Yes.
- Only her.
- Alright, I'll call Lee.
What does my lord desire?
But where is Lee?
- I asked Lee.
- I am.
I asked for another girl, Lee.
- I am.
You're not Lee, I asked,
that Lee should come. Call Lee.
No, call Lee!
Do you not understand Russian language at all?
I said call Lee.
- Tan, tan.
- Tan, tan.
Let's do tan, tan.
Stop, I said!
Stop the car!
This is not Lee.
I know the real Lee.
- Calm down.
- Look closer at the photo. It's not her!
Sargent? The boss? Fuck!
I'm talking to you.
What are you screaming here for?
Get in the car!
My butterfly why do fly towards the flame
there is death there
- Where are the commas?
- No commas, only text.
What is your interest in this?
Their leader is Aleks.
He has my girlfriend.
Kesh, I'm tired.
Shall we go home?
Kesh, go ahead,
I'll catch up to you, okay?
- You know each other?
- Five minutes.
Frankly, I wasn't expecting him
to be your husband.
Can you think of something? Alright?
I can't get in a fight with him now.
Don't worry about it so.
But do you know that you're
going to have problems with Marshall now?
It doesn't matter.
If I can get Lee out...
If I can get her out.
- Alright, so long.
- Goodbye.
I envy you.
- Does it drive?
- It flies.
First straight ahead, second
to the left, third to the coast.
Third, fourth, to close the exits.
Fifth, fifth.
Report when ready.
First at location,
waiting for command.
It hurts, hurts, Commander!
A hero?
What is it you need?
I've spent so many years,
building everything.
- Let her go, Aleks.
- And you broke it all.
And for whom?
For a girl?
Love, yes?
She's a prostitute, a bitch
that love.
I sent her after you, I did.
When you got drunk like a pig in Manchuria
and yelled that you won't leave without her.
I had a Vietnamese corpse in the trunk,
I had to bury.
I put her under you.
You are lying.
You just keep lying.
Am I lying?
Kolya, I love you!
He says the truth - at first it was so.
But I fell in love with you right away.
My girl.
Come on wake up.
Come on wake up.
Lee! Lee!
Come here!
Kolya, you've been sentenced to death.
Marshal found out that you gave out the password.
Go, go.
- Thank you.
- You're in the system.
There's no system,
there are just people, Boba.
Kolya, do you understand that this is the end?
Kolya, the end!
We're in place.
We're leaving! Fast!
Back. Back.
Give me your hand!
To the right.
Orlanov! Get in the car!
Hold it!
Anjela, what are you doing?
What are you doing!
- Park and I'll get behind the wheel...
- Don't distract me.
Shut up and don't distract me.
I'm gonna be in charge here.
Maks, I'm with Lavrik.
Let's go on Voznessenskie,
we can take the government lane there.
Bandits are not enough for you? You want police
on our tail as well? They have outposts on every corner there.
How should I know?
Maks solve the problem.
Do you speak Chinese yet?
What does that mean?
- Love is power.
- Oh my God!
I have an idea: go on Dekabristov drive,
take a left at Mariinka.
Drive to the shore wharf.
- Thank you!
- You're welcome.
Denis, scooter!
We take his keys.
Stay down.
They will kill us!
Knock him off!
- Jump!
- I'm scared!
- Jump!
- What about you?
- Jump, I said!
- Kolya!
What are you scared of, baby?
Don't be scared. It's allright.
Don't be scared, my baby.
All is well.
We must hurry,
till they start looking for us.
There is one place.
What is your real name?
Lan Yan.
Lan Yan.
That's alright too.
Can you you drive from this point on?
I think I've hurt my arm.
- There is light there.
- What?
Your poem, my butterfly.
Why do you fly towards the fire...
There is light there.
There is light there.
Tenderness exists without a


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