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He can disfigure her entire face.
Still he's one of her own kind.
- And you're a stranger to her.
- She needs me.
And I tell you you're a stranger.
Bob, you tell him.
There are no options, Kolyun.
Don't get yourself mix up in there.
It's their world.
Nobody knows
what is happening there.
- Boba, she needs me.
Needs, needs.
Want some?
I don't understand at all
why you think that she needs you?
The Savior!
Maybe she's better off there
because she's among her own people?
You'll never be able to understand them.
They think differently.
Eh, Kolya, Kolya. If only you knew
how much one illegal costs?
He works half his life
to receive good documents.
And it all sidesteps
the cash register.
- If you were a smart man, we...
- How much should I pay you to shut you up?
Consider that I tried so hard all for you, idiot,
but it seems to be of no use.
Teaching an idiot is
just blowing hot air.
- Stop the car!
- Calm down, Kolya, we'll be home soon.
- I said, stop the car!
- Calm down, Kolya!
I don't want to go home,
I want to see her.
You've completely gone mad
from this Chinese!
I love her, you idiots!
Can you understand that I love her!
Stop, I said!
Kolya, do you want me to come with you?
Boba, go home.
Get ready, I came to get you.
- No.
- What is it?
- Go away, please, leave.
- But why?
- Nothing worked out between us.
- But why, Lee?
Explain to me why?
Our love, it's bad.
We'll only be worse off.
- Kolya, leave, leave, please.
- My girl...
I ask you!
- I'll take you out of here, darling.
- You do not understand.
And you will never understand, Kolya.
- They are terrible people.
- Lee!
What people?
There's only you and me. Lee!
You're here, Kolya.
I'm not here.
I'm in a foreign country.
Who am I here?
A narrow-eyed Chinese.
For you we all have the same face.
Chinese, Mongol, Uzbek.
No one needs us here
other than our own people.
I live under another woman's documents...
who died. Once I die
someone else will live under those documents.
I don't have a name.
They took away my name.
- Lee!
- I'm not Lee.
I'm not Lee.
My dear butterfly.
I will return.
I will destroy them.
What do you want?
For me to cut his head off?
I'll do it!
You got everything?
- Yes?
- Yes.
My, my lord.
- You want to take down their leader?
- Aleks.
For that we'd have to destroy the entire scheme.
But the problem is that someone
up at the top is certainly feeding off this scheme.
I'm afraid that...
No one will take on this job.
Nobody'll sign up for it.
Please pass the ashtray.
Thank you.
Rodionovich, help me.
I've done so much for you.
On your team I was
the most reliable, the most...
Just the last line.
You're going on vacation.
Yeah, that's right.
You're going on a holiday to Thailand
because you like Asian girls.
Over there they're cheaper than a condom.
I got you, Marshal.
Great then.
- Kolya, stop.
- Boba, don't say anything at all.
That's it, that's it. Thank you, thank you.
- You can't do anything.
- That's all, thank you.
- Thank you.
- You can't do anything.
It's the system.
There is no system. There's only me and her.
That's it, go home.
- Go home, my greeting to your spouse.
- You will be killed!
Good luck.
Now listen to me carefully.
Get out, beasts!
If something should happen to her...
If even one hair falls from...
I will personally bury you in the flowerbed.
- Did you understand me?
- I do not know...
- Hello.
- I need a weapon.
Should I come with you?
No, thank you. I'll handle it myself.
Thank you.
Don't tell my sister.
- Who do you want?
- Where's Lee?
Where is Lee?
A girl lived here,
a dark Chinese, where is she?!
How do we know? We haven't even moved in yet,
and they're already troubling us about some darkies.
We don't know.
Don't know!


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