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on without you.
I love you. (speaking Chinese)
And I also love you.
- Promise me!
- What?
- Promise me!
- How can I, if I don't know what it's about?
Okay, I promise.
What is it?
You will never ask me about anything.
- My dear girl...
- Never about anything!
I want to help you.
You have to trust me,
otherwise what's the point?
If you're have problems, baby...
I have no problems.
No problems.
There's nothing.
I want to order the Si-Yadzu.
Choose the girl.
This one.
Okay. Come in please.
What does my lord desire?
My lord?
You've never called me that before.
You know, I like this.
Look me in the eyes.
Who is he?
Did he force you?
For God's sake, answer me.
Don't be silent, please.
I very much ask you to not stay silent.
Tell me that you did not want it.
Please don't stay silent...
I'm very much asking you.
Don't be silent, answer me!
Lee, why are you doing this to me?!
- Relax.
- Get your hands off, I will pay for the session.
- Shh.
- Get your hands off!
I never want to see you here again.
Got it?
I'll be back yet, but not alone.
I'll take down your whole enterprise into hell.
What do you want?
What the hell did you come here for?!
- I love you.
- But I don't!
I want to have
a normal girl and not some...
So that everything's simple and clear?
Yes, so that everything's simple and clear!
- Why?
- What?
You only want to fuck a Chinese!
What do you care what I'm like?
Here I am. Go on, have fun!
Go on! Go on!
Go away.
- Get out of here!
- Kolya...
- Kolya!
- Forget my name.
I don't exist, I'm dead.
Lee! How did you get here?
No one must know.
No one must know.
Why are you drinking?
Marshal will behead you.
Get up, Kolya.
- Why...
- Move it, Kolya.
You don't answer the phone, you don't go to work.
Get yourself together and let's go.
While you were washing your brains with alcohol,
Garshynin and I were tracking your Chinese.
Did you tell him that she's mine?
He realized it himself.
Came to me and said
that you're in really deep.
So, are you ready to take in information?
- Ready.
- Then let's go.
Oh my God.
An old acquaintance of Jan,
an illegal from Turkmenistan.
From documents
he has some inscription on his ass.
Shamyshev is on the stretcher.
Remember the St. Catherine hospital where your
Chinese was asking about his health.
- Well, yeah.
- There you go.
Now, she took him in with her.
- Why?
- Indeed, why?
Where have you seen
that a seriously ill cancer patient...
would be voluntarily removed from the hospital
a week before his death?
Furthermore, by some stranger.
- I don't understand anything.
- Keep driving. You soon will.
Anyways, two hours ago the old man died.
Is he with her now?
- Where are they going?
- We'll soon know.
We'll let them get away, Kostya!
Bobka, give it to me.
That's us, and that's them.
Have you guessed
where they're headed?
Manchuria, Manchuria.
- A cemetery, I understand?
- Not a garden, but an ordinary cemetery.
They bury their own here.
The flowerbeds are just for camouflage.
Why so complicated?
Because Shamyshev died,
but according to documents
he's alive and well.
They'll bury him right now,
and the passport goes to the next illegal.
To us they all have the same face.
Whether it's Shamyshev or Jan.
So, have no doubts.
with the new documents he'll go
to apply for an international-travel passport.
And then he's off to Europe.
- Let's look closer.
- Where!
Everyone has his own role to play.
And his own cut accordingly.
Your gal too.
There's Aleks - the one you
didn't want to share her with.
Does she live with him?
No, just fucks him.
Any easier for you?
- Scoundrel!
- Do you understand what you're doing?
They have their own things to settle.
Hey, look what's there.
There's a cat, there's a cat.
Oh, a cat?
Maks, start the car!
Understand, she's in the


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