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Here's a goddess.
- Hi, sister.
For the first time I'm dependent
on someone else, Anka.
She told me to leave her alone.
And I came here.
What's the use, still...
my thoughts are there.
I understand that it's not right...
But I can't keep it all inside,
I need to confide in someone.
- I'm sorry that it's you.
- It's alright.
I cannot smile,
make a good face, I simply can't.
She needs you?
I do not know.
If so, go to her
and stay at her side.
If not,
then you need to be able to leave.
Yours is coming.
- Hello.
- Hi.
Have you seen this?
- Kravtsov!
- Yes.
- Well, hello.
- Hello.
Tomorrow we're going to hunt moose.
What about you?
- I can't kill animals.
- What do you mean you can't?
It's in your nature.
Well hello.
You think because you live here and you've
grown a beard, you're a caveman now?
What are you laughing at?
- Smart ass.
- This here is my land.
My home, my family.
I have the weapons
that I can use to defend them.
But in the city you're always part of
some schemes and systems.
You are what other people think of you.
What car you drive,
how much dough you earn,
how much dough you steal...
- We do not kill animals.
You kill each other.
And keep babbling a lot
in the process.
I'll tell you once,
so we don't come back to it.
You and I can't seem to have
much of a friendship.
But you're my family,
whether you like it or not.
God forbid, if anything happens
should you be in need of assistance...
In short, you know who to turn to.
Dima, we're not at war over there, really.
I'm just used to that pace of life.
Hop! Hop! Relax, don't fret about it.
So, this is her home.
Over there are her windows
on the second floor.
She rents it for 200.
Her car.
- Who's that?
- The name is Jan, in our language it's Jenya.
- Husband?
- She doesn't have a husband.
- How do you know?
- I say, therefore, I know. I saw the documents.
Now look carefully.
- St. Catherine Hospital.
- Where is it located?
Catching the drift?
- No.
- You're slow.
See people at the entrance?
The security guards are doing random
document checking.
Our friends are running from it.
Must have a reason to.
She's asking about the health of
someone by the name of Shamyshev.
Shamyshev Ilua, born 1942.
North Korean citizen at birth.
Citizen of the Russian Federation since 1993.
Diagnosis: lung cancer.
And who's he to her?
For now, don't know.
But she never visited him in the ward.
Heard that he was dying and left.
This is the second day.
Watch closely.
Ekligon - a drug-containing medicine.
Night of same day.
Here, they caught on to our boys
nearly nailed us down.
Our second group continued from that point.
Pay attention to how they're
driving round about, want to know why?
They're avoiding police outposts.
And what does it all mean?
Beats me.
- Hey Kolya, let's crack down on this clan.
- What?
- With the Chinese gal.
- What do you mean?
That there's criminal business
is obvious to a child.
Probably drug-dealing or some
sect nonesense.
If we go down on them,
we can get good money.
If your client is okay with it.
The client is not okay with it.
Have you not been paid enough?
- Should we continue to monitor?
- Continue.
Then we need to get into the apartment.
Install cameras and bugs.
Do it.
When done with the lampshade,
put a camera in the hallway.
That's all. We have a picture.
Get out.
That's all. Give e-mail to the client.
Video from all 5 cameras
will come here directly via GPRS, so...
you can see it from any point on the planet.
Should I give you a lift?
I've got my own.
That's all, bye.
Maybe you'll change
your mind about the Chinese gal?
If we raid, I'll help.
We're walking past some good dough there.
Yes. Lee, I know it's you!
You're breathing...
Please, don't be silent.
Why are we acting like children...
I want to see you, right now.
So do I.
I missed you, butterfly.
I can not go

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