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you doing?!
Watch the road!
Unidentified caller.
Could you not have been so slow?
I asked you as a human being.
Why are you yelling, Orlanov?
Are you in love?
Leave it.
- You fell in love!
- I was just expecting an important call.
- Go, I'm not coming.
- Why?
- Tell Marshall that I got sick.
- What?
I fell sick!
What? What?.. Now go.
Well, get better, Kolya.
Hello! Anjela?
Hi, it's me.
Are you still alone?
Well then I'm coming.
Anjel! Who is your husband?
What do you care?
He's not here.
What more do you need to know?
No, no, Orlanov.
No. Wait a minute.
- Give some romance a chance.
- Understood.
So over there you have love?
- Here it's just an ambulance.
- I don't know what I have over there.
There was one night.
Then she disappeared.
Not a call or anything.
- Orlanov?
- Huh?
What am I supposed to do?
Feel sorry for you or what?
Thank you.
Please tell me what your name is?
- Mei.
- Mei? Very good.
But maybe you know where Lee is?
A girl who was here 3 days ago.
Such a cutie, just like you.
Sorry, I'm talking
very badly in the Russian language.
Please tell me...
you're not the owner by any chance?
Me the owner?!
I am the gardener.
Little man.
Please tell me,
do you remember Lee?
A girl that was here 3 days ago.
So beautiful...
Chinese, narrow eyes...
Many people.
They come and go.
We will also leave.
Can't remember everyone.
I see.
What do you need Lee for?
She forgot something,
I want to return it.
- You're Nikolai?
- Yes, did she ask about me?
- What is it?
- Address.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Would you like to order a Tsatsu session?
What? Is that what you call a harakirit?
No, this is a traditional Oriental massage.
But... No, thank you.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- What are you doing!
- Well, it happens!
He's alive!
- Yes, yes. I'll eat it.
- He's alive.
Are you serious?
You give it?
You give that?
Please, take it.
Oh gross, stop.
You believed!
No, you believed!
Lee, what does your name mean?
It is a delicate flower
on a mountain slope.
Washed by the dew
of low-rising sun.
In fact, does not mean anything.
Just a last name.
- Close your eyes.
- Why?
- It tickles.
- Close.
What was it?
My mother did that to me as a child.
She called it the "Butterfly Kiss."
Butterfly kiss?
Is it time to disappear?
In this case, let's go greet the sunrise,
I have one special place.
You bring all girls here?
No, you're the first.
Shall we go home?
Do you want it here?
What's wrong?
Is something wrong?
Today I spend the night at home.
Don't take offense.
- Where are you going?
- I want to see where you live.
I'll walk on my own.
One day you'll tell me everything.
- Stand aside!
- Slow down, slow down... I work here.
What dudes are these?
Damn knows. They're here to see Marshall.
- Yes.
- Kolya, I need you. Come here.
OK, Rodionovich, I will.
- Kolya it is.
- Hello, Rodionovich.
Welcome and thank's for coming.
Kolya, meet
Vikenti Vikentievich.
Wants to ask you a few questions.
Please answer him honestly.
As you would to me.
Thank you, Max.
I'll handle it myself.
Sit, sit.
Here, please.
- Rodionovich, take it.
- Thank you.
I'm listening.
Have you been with union five?
Don't look at Max.
I asked you.
Yes, I have.
Did you put security?
- No, why would I?
- You were with them, but didn't put in security.
How so?
Just a second, I'm sorry.
"Look out the window."
They found a virus in their system. When
I was working, they turned off the security, so...
Can I go?
I have work waiting.
You can go.
- Yes, that's all, Kolya, thanks.
- Not at all.
- Bye.
- Bye.
If anything, I have my phone.
Are you happy?
What, what.
Why are you shoving this boy in front of me?
How else can I convince you
that we didn't put in security there?
You did put it in
and you'll break it to me.

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