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No news from the manager yet?
No, nothing
Chances are
he won't come back anymore
What a bad fellow he is!
Where are our drinks?
What about this?
What do you think?
What do you say?
Is that all you can do?
This is the best we can do
That's the very best, mind you
I see
Only that much
Can't help it
Enough for railway fares
Very well
Let's do it again
Was the camera
all you were robbed of?
And a lighter
Kichi owes me lots of money
Too bad for the Master.
He had his purse stolen
What a terrible fellow.
I'll kill him if I see him
I got sort of suspicious of him
He'd never been straight, either
That's right
He even stole my charm
against pickpockets!
He stole all I had.
Terrible fellow!
Tell me, Sensho
What is your plan for the future?
What is to become of us?
Your cup is empty, Yatazo
Thank you, sir
How about you?
I must ask your forgiveness...
...for this situation
But every cloud has a silver lining
I'll inform you
when I make a new start
I want you to join me,
if you're free then
Where are you planning to work,
My brother-in-law is running
a pickle shop at Hamamatsu
I see
And you?
I'll go and see my former employer
He may hire me again
A bath-house owner, isn't he?
Yes, he is
Those who can quit the stage
had better do so
You say you'll go to school again?
Yes, sir...
...as a working student if possible
We're going to be broken up...
...but I want you
to remember me sometimes
We've had hard times...
...but we've had good times, too
Let's go merrily. This isn't a wake
Good idea. Yes, let's
Why don't you join us, Miss Sumiko?
This is a farewell party
- Please, Miss
- Come here
Please sit here
- What happened to Kayo?
- What happened?
Play merrily, auntie
...why can't you
be nice to Miss Sumiko?
Well, old Sensho...
...and you, Roku
We've been together
for a long, long time, haven't we?
Yes, sir
He's speaking to you
We've been through thick and thin
I'm afraid I was rather strict
with you sometimes
We've been together for many years
Forgive me...
...if I was
What happened, Grandpa?
We're in a mess
What happened?
We've broken up
My goodness. Really?
The impresario tried to help me up...
...but it was in vain
He's been very kind to me
Why don't you come in?
Where is Kiyoshi?
Weren't you with him?
No, I wasn't
A young person came for him
with your message
- A young person?
- A girl
And he went out?
Yes, with her
What's the matter?
This is terrible
What is it?
...he's ruined, I'm afraid
What happened?
What did he do?
This is horrible
What in the world did Kiyoshi do?
Tell me!
A penny for your thoughts
Are you sorry?
Of course not.
I brought you here
- But...
- But what?
It was my fault
We shouldn't have come
You must never have dealt
with a girl like me
I'm not good enough for you
The Master must be angry
Why do you say that?
My uncle has nothing to do with it
You told me you wanted to go
to college and study, didn't you?
Good idea
Do so by all means...
...or else you'll be sorry afterwards
Then you're sorry?
I needn't go to college
I think I'll take you to Mother
She'll consent to our plan
- Even if she won't, I'll...
- Please
Drop that idea
Go home like a good boy.
Go home to your mother
Do so by all means
What for?
We're to part.
To break up for good
What will become of you?
The troupe's been broken up
Forget it.
Forget about a girl like me
I can get by, some way or other
Don't be silly!
Go home, for mercy's sake
I beg you to
Please go home... Please...
Where did he go, anyway?
Like father, like son
Fast worker
I didn't know that
I thought he was
better than me at all points
I'm afraid...
...I was too optimistic
about the whole thing
I'm beaten hollow this time
All my plans have gone to pieces
Listen, darling
You're imagining too much
Look here...
...what can you
Плывущие водоросли Плывущие водоросли

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