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Let me look forward to such a day.
Yes, such a day will come.
But, darling...
Then celebrate my success
and rejoice for me.
Take me with you.
I'll work hard to help you.
I can't part with you like this!
Master, I'm begging you...
...take me with you.
Did you hear her?
Very pathetic of her.
Be good enough
to look after her as well.
I'm sorry I scolded you.
Forgive me.
Help Kiyoshi to make good.
I'm counting on you.
You understand? Oblige me.
Kiyoshi! The Master!
Go see him!
Hurry up!
See him! Hurry up!
Will you hurry!
Where's Uncle? Where is he?
What's happened to Uncle?
Your father?
He's left for the road.
Don't stop him.
Leave him alone.
Each time Father
came to this town...
...since you were a baby...
...he left this place
with such a sentiment.
It's all right...
...only if you can become
somebody in life.
Where are you going, Master?
Give me a light.
Tell me...
...where are you going?
I'm at a loss where to go now.
Do you have a plan?
You do? Tell me.
Where are you going?
Kuwana Town.
Which impresario?
Mr. Kaneyoshi may
give me a chance, I think.
Can I go with you?
I happen to know
Mr. Kaneyoshi very well.
You don't want me to go with you?
I'm taking a chance.
Shall we try?
Yes, let's try. Good idea.
Shall we?
Sure. Yes, let's try.
Very good!
Two tickets to Kuwana.
Don't forget your baggage.
How do you like it?
Плывущие водоросли

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