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What's the matter?
This is terrible.
What is it?
...he's ruined, I'm afraid.
What happened?
What did he do?
This is horrible.
What in the world did Kiyoshi do?
Tell me!
A penny for your thoughts.
Are you sorry?
Of course not.
I brought you here.
- But...
- But what?
It was my fault.
We shouldn't have come.
You must never have dealt
with a girl like me.
I'm not good enough for you.
The Master must be angry.
Why do you say that?
My uncle has nothing to do with it.
You told me you wanted to go
to college and study, didn't you?
Good idea.
Do so by all means...
...or else you'll be sorry afterwards.
Then you're sorry?
I needn't go to college.
I think I'll take you to Mother.
She'll consent to our plan.
- Even if she won't, I'll...
- Please.
Drop that idea.
Go home like a good boy.
Go home to your mother.
Do so by all means.
What for?
We're to part.
To break up for good.
What will become of you?
The troupe's been broken up.
Forget it.
Forget about a girl like me.
I can get by, some way or other.
Don't be silly!
Go home, for mercy's sake.
I beg you to.
Please go home... Please...
Where did he go, anyway?
Like father, like son.
Fast worker.
I didn't know that.
I thought he was
better than me at all points.
I'm afraid...
...I was too optimistic
about the whole thing.
I'm beaten hollow this time.
All my plans have gone to pieces.
Listen, darling.
You're imagining too much.
Look here...
...what can you expect
when he eloped...
...with a girl like this?
I mean it.
I'm disappointed in him.
But, darling...
...I'm sure he'll come back.
He's not a bad boy.
He'll come back.
Think so?
You think he'll come home?
What if he won't?
I know, yes...
...I know
But young people today
are so rash and reckless.
He'll come back.
He's bound to come.
When he comes home,
why don't you settle down?
Darling, tell Kiyoshi the truth.
He's old enough to understand.
He'll find out one day.
He's bound to find out in the end.
Had we told him before,
this wouldn't have happened.
Please. Tell him everything.
I beg you to. Tell him.
And make this place my home?
I wish you would.
- Shall we?
- Will you?
Thank you. Very much!
He'll be delighted.
...where can he be now?
Do you want a drink?
- Why not?
- I'll make it hot.
Here he is!
Where have you been?
Answer her.
I want you to meet someone.
What is it?
Why, you!
How dare you show up here?
You fool!
I'm sorry, Master.
I'm the one who's sorry. You slut!
Don't, Uncle.
She's apologising.
How dare you
worry Mother like this?
Don't scold him so.
Shut up!
They're gluttons for punishment!
- Slut!
- Stop, Uncle.
Don't! Please!
- What?
- What!
Do you know who this is?
He's your father. Your real father.
Apologise to him!
I see. Just...
...as I thought.
...you told me my father had died
when I was a baby.
I believed it. I still believe it.
I don't want a father at all.
Not in my life.
...he didn't want you to know...
...that you were
an itinerant player's son.
How come? Why?
He wanted you to study hard...
...and become somebody.
So he worked hard...
...and remitted
your schooling expenses.
That's enough.
- Stop it.
- But...
Say, Uncle...
...why show up all of a sudden?
Mother. Tell me that now?
You two are selfish.
I don't want a father.
Go away.
Out with you!
Get going!
Forgive me.
I knew nothing about it.
I'm afraid he's right.
Very natural, too.
One can't suddenly
show up out of nowhere...
...and exert parental authority.
But, darling...
...why talk like that?
On second thought,
I decided not to settle down.
It would be better...
...much better for us all.
But Kiyoshi isn't
mad at you any longer.
You see...
...I'm going to turn a new leaf.
Let me part tonight
as his uncle, as before.
Next time I come back here...
...I'll be a good actor
he can be proud of.
Плывущие водоросли Плывущие водоросли

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