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- Tetsu.
- Yes?
- Sadahachi.
- Well. Boss?
"This is our last night in Mt. Akagi."
"I'm leaving my home village
of Kunisada..."
"...and my territory."
"I have to leave you, too,
my loyal men."
"This is the last
of my Kunisada group."
"To think of it..."
"...the breeze sounds lonely."
"A flock of geese..."
"...flying to the south."
"The moon is setting
behind the western hills."
"Where shall I go now?"
"Where my legs will carry me..."
"I'll be roaming aimlessly
to the end of the world."
"That's Brother Enzo."
"Stout-hearted as he is..."
"...he must feel lonesome
to leave home."
"You, noted sword..."
"...thoroughly tempered by
the famous Yoshikane of Kaga..."
"...and cleansed in the brook
from the perpetual snow."
"You, at least, my right will guard."
"Though all the world betrays me,
you'll be with me, faithful one."
"The geese are flying away."
"The crow must lament for me."
Great performance.
The barber's daughter.
Which one?
Do you see an old dame
with a towel on her head?
Behind her.
Munching on a bun now.
What a big mouth she has!
Which one is your find?
Is she here?
She's out there.
That one.
The one who's smoking now.
She's cute.
A real find, too.
And mine?
Your girl isn't here
She's cuter, mind.
Not my taste, though.
Really? I can't wait...
Watch out.
They may see you.
They liked it, eh?
Full house?
Not very...
...for an opening.
It'll work. I'm sure.
Do you think so?
Remember the last stand?
Why are you
so pessimistic these days?
Don't you worry.
And mark my words.
I'm sure.
Where do you go after that scene?
I climb down the mountain.
And after climbing down?
Don't you see?
I come straight to you.
No kidding.
I'm not kidding at all.
Here he comes.
- Hello.
- Come in here.
It's hot, eh? It's sticky.
Where's my girl?
Don't worry. She'll come.
Come to see the Master?
He's gone out.
Let's have a drink.
Hurry Yae, your man's impatient.
Hello, darling. How's the big boy?
- This one?
- Your taste.
Just joking.
No good?
- Stop joking.
- What are you talking about?
Look at me.
I'm freezing to death.
Have a drink, then.
You're awfully reliable, Kichi.
Nice man.
You son of a...
I'm on the spot. Am I sad?
- Why so sad?
- Shut up.
- My mama's dead.
- Really?
I'm catching a chill.
Get warmed up.
- Welcome.
- Hi.
Doing your stuff?
Hi, come in.
What's your name?
Cute name.
A real find, Senta.
Have a good time.
I'll be seeing you.
- So long.
- So long.
Do come again.
Hey, Senta. Brace up.
"Though all the world betrays me."
Give me sake. Hurry!
Oh, you big hunk.
More sake sold, Master.
All right.
- Hello.
- Where's your dad?
He's out now.
Out? It's hot, eh?
Did you come to see him?
Well, not exactly.
I came to see you.
I'm serious.
Just feel how my heart is thumping.
Mama! Mama!
What is it?
What happened?
What do you want?
I wonder if I can have
my face shaved.
Aiko, go inside.
Come over here.
I'm afraid I haven't much beard yet.
I may not need a shaving.
I think not.
Sit down.
Thank you.
They don't bite at all, Uncle.
Be patient. Take your time.
You'll get sunstroke.
Put this on your head.
I'm OK.
I think you overdid it.
I'm afraid your performance
was too hammy.
It was all right.
But that character
is unrealistic, isn't it?
What's that?
It's too unreal.
Don't be silly.
He's a man of old times.
You don't understand.
A fossil.
What are you talking about,
wise guy?
My audience likes my performance...
...whether it's hammy or not.
You lack progressive spirit.
Stop talking about the theatre.
...I've lost my bait again.
I hear you want to go to college?
Nothing better than studying.
But your mother will be lonely.
Doesn't matter.
It does.
Imagine how she'd feel.
Think of her.
She approves of it...
...so it doesn't matter.
Плывущие водоросли Плывущие водоросли

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