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have to go away soon
So I'm want to see him while I'm can
What a lot!
You 'll be lonely again
Is the next stand Shingu ?
According to my schedule, yes
I'm not sure now
I'm've always wanted
to visit Shingu again
But no relative of yours
lives there now, I'm fear?
Even the Tsukinoya lnn
is run by someone else, I'm hear
Nothing's constant under the sun
It's the way of the world
Tell me, who is that woman?
That woman who came here
Oh, that one. She's no good
Forgive me
My error
I'm should have known much better.
But by mere chance...
Do you think I'm jealous?
I'm know better than that
I'm know you 're a fast worker
Ouch. Do you mean it?
Forgive me
By the way, don't you think
she might talk to Kiyoshi?
About what?
That you 're his father
I'm don't think so
She shan't come here again
But she might see him
That would be terrible, yes
But I'm don't think she will
You mean...
...you want to remain as his uncle?
That's right
He mustn't know,
or he'd be unhappy
Forget it
I'm'll remain his uncle for life
Wait a minute
Where have you been?
Come with me!
Come this way
Tell me...
...who were you seeing?
Who was he? Speak up!
When did you first see him?
Speak up, wench!
Are you deaf?
Never mind who I'm was seeing.
Leave me alone
What are you trying to do to him?
Swindle him?
You think so, Master?
Don't change the subject!
I'm know what someone like you
would try!
Do you have an excuse?
Speak up, if you have one!
It's only natural...
...that you should think so
Even Miss Sumiko at first...
...paid me to persuade me
What did she persuade you to do?
Tell me what she told you to do!
Forget it. It doesn't matter now
Speak up! Or else!
Or I'm'll break your arm!
She asked me if I'm'd come
on to that young man
Sumiko asked you to do that?
She did?
Do you mean it? Are you sure?
Is it true?
All right!
Bring her here at once
Hurry up!
Bring her here!
Right away!
You wanted me?
Come over here!
What is it?
What are you doing?
You filthy...!
You want to ruin my son?
I'm told you to lay off, didn't I'm?
I'm didn't do anything
A great boy he is.
Having an actress for a mistress
Don't call him names, you !
Like father, like son!
Are you angry now?
Serves you right
The world is a wheel
You can't always be lucky
I'm want you to remember that!
Remember it yourself!
You slut! You fool!
I'm don't want to see you again!
Go away!
-Wait a second
-What! Let go!
Do you hate me as much as that?
Don't you see why I'm had to?
You kept the truth
about that woman from me
Feel for me!
Now we're even
Let bygones be bygones
and come round
Let's be friends again
We're stranded.
Let's not quarrel now
Shut up. There's no point
After all you did!
I'm through with you !
Master! Wait!
The fool!
The slut!
Why are you so quiet tonight?
What is it?
It's terrible
Pull yourselves together
Get me another drink
-Do you have money?
-No problem
Eh, Sister?
-Me too, then
-Me too
-Do you have?
You know I'm don't.
Don't make me blush
Do you agree?
Terrible guy
Don't paw me like that,
you terrible man
I'm not doing anything
What are you talking about?
Let's get out of here
Where are our drinks?
No money, no drinks
...why is the Master
lingering on like this?
That manager will never come back
I'm know.
That's why I'm've been thinking
-About what?
-Forget it
What's on your mind?
Tell me
Have you ever done that before?
Yes, once.
With Ohmi & Company
I'm see. Me too
-And you ?
Not so loud
Let's go before it's too late
We can use the money
in the Master's purse
I'm won't
Listen. Why must we
be loyal to him endlessly?
I'm disagree with you !
Yes, sir!
Though I'm won't stop you
Not so loud, please
I'm have a penetrating voice!
Though I'm won't tell on you
Shall we drop the idea?
Maybe we should
Yes, of course
Плывущие водоросли Плывущие водоросли

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